Diana Vreeland film screens at DIFF, Director speaks of what’s to come this fall!

Last Tuesday, was the first of two screenings of Diana Vreeland The Eye Has To Travel, which naturally was my center piece screening, if you will, at the 2012 DIFF. Clearly I wasnt the only one who was expressing a certain kind of groupie-ism, as word spread of the film so did the news that […]

SeanInTheCity | 6 Days of Christmas: A Year for Books

This year, seems like  it was  a major year for the coffee table book. From TV retrospects, to Pop and Fashion icons, all published equally iconic books in 2011.As the holiday seasons comes to a close here soon, these books both small and large make great gifts. In fact,  if i had to choose my […]

A Unlikely Fashion Forecast

If you have any idea of who I am, and if you’re reading this as a  personal friend of mine, you will know that I have the most severe case of Peter-Pan syndrome. For some odd reason I have stayed frozen in time at the age of 12. So you can only imagine the excitement […]