The Best and Worst, OSCARS 2012

Ok, the reviews are in and needless to say they are all very mixed. Billy Crystal’s much-anticipated comeback was trending on twitter as a snooze feast, however in his opening he welcomed everyone to the “chapter 11 theater” referring  to the recent bankruptcy filling of the Kodak Theatre. It brought  everyone back to reality  in my […]

Oscars 2012, Nomination Surprises and Predications

The nominations are in, and it’s now time to count down to OSCAR 2012. Many surprises to say the least regarding the noms this morning, But none the less good surprises. Of course the break out films all made the nom list, but so did break out films that audiences, not just the academy, enjoyed […]

ObsesSEAN | Madonna’s Masterpiece

So much hoopla over Madonna’s return. Many things are still trending in our social world over the Superbowl, The new album MDNA coming in march, and of course W.E. which is Madonna’s directorial debut. Seems she learned quite a bit from Ex-Husband Guy Richie. To say the least, W.E. has been marketed and branded for […]