DFW BUZZ : Madonna adds second AAC performance

Seems Madonna is yet again making an appearance on my blog, given No one saw this coming. As  mentioned in a prior blog post, the idea that Madonna would take a note from GAGA and add a second date was something that may have made all Madonna maniacs feel it was wishful thinking. Well wishing […]

Madonna steals Super Bowl XLVI’s spotlight, with a Pose, a Prayer, and a Finger.

Ok,  clearly did we have any doubt that Mad Maddy couldn’t blow it out of  the ball park “so to speak” Umm, no! Madonna’s much-anticipated performance of SUPER BOWL XLVI was toping the talk, considering the amount of press  Madonna gifted us with weeks leading up to the game. Entering the field, with  a sea […]

ObsesSEAN | Madonna’s Masterpiece

So much hoopla over Madonna’s return. Many things are still trending in our social world over the Superbowl, The new album MDNA coming in march, and of course W.E. which is Madonna’s directorial debut. Seems she learned quite a bit from Ex-Husband Guy Richie. To say the least, W.E. has been marketed and branded for […]