SeanInTheCity | 7 Days Of Christmas : Causal Lux, Abecrombie & Fitch

Well I’m really hoping everyone is having a pleasant Weekend before Christmas, I’m sure most of you just read that line with distaste giving the last-minute stress that is equally traditional, hopefully by now, your rush is over, but if not there still a whole week left so don’t fear, or try to crunch it […]

SeanInTheCity | 9 Days of Christmas: Stocking Edition, Rugby

Straight off the press, from  yesterday’s Ralph Lauren Holiday helper guide, I find it only  more helpful and perhaps even more cheerful that I  feature  Rugby Ralph Lauren for  today’s #9 days of Christmas : Stocking Edition .  The other brain child of Mr. Lauren,  located right next door to its mother store in highland […]

SeanInTheCity | 10 Days of Christmas : Santa’s Right Hand Man, Ralph Lauren

Ok, now its REALLY crunch time! Here we are 10 days left, I’m sure if you haven’t started shopping your either having a nervous breakdown or on the verge of one. Well never fear, Santa has one major helper, one can say, that makes all kinds of wonderfully fabulous things that satisfy  everyone, and of […]