Versace Protocol Pt 2: Iconic Collection launched in NYC

My  inbox is flooded with the scene of Last night’s  event, which launched the Iconic collection by Versace for H&M. Of course this is nothing new, DFW really has been beyond buzzing due to our selection of the few cities who will play host to the collaboration . This is by far H&M largest paring, and the […]

H&M Versace Protocol

Hot off my assignment, covering  last week’s opening of H&M at the Shops at Willow Bend ( Read all about at DFW STYLE DAILY ) , my H&M  craze might just last till 2012, given that this coming year Galleria Dallas will also be home for the Swedish Retailer.  Although an H&M  Basic t-shirt kind of […]

Meeting Diane von Furstenberg

My bucket list moment finally came, I had the glorious opportunity to meet the living legend herself, or rather what she coined herself to be “The Grandmother of Fashion”.  Diane Von Furstenberg placed a visit  to NorthPark Center’s SEPHORA to launch her new fragrance simply named DIANE. For  anyone who appreciates fashion, or anyone who celebrates […]

SeanInTheCity | Food Edition, State Fair Crawl

Well heres the thing, I am completely centered and Obsessed with Bethenny Frankel. I  have always been, and probably always will be, turned on by Powerful women, especially if they are women  who have created empires, “e.g. Skinny Girl Margarita”.  Her show is perhaps as addicting as the personality behind it, and there is one thing […]