A Venti Dent in the HIV/AIDS Global Crisis

In light of World AIDS Day, and the huge fight that we take year after year, it is always nice to know even with the simplest tasks and luxuries can actually help in the contribution, and find more answers on the global issue with research funding, and especially to help end HIV/AIDS for good by […]

Versace for H&M Finally Hits NorthPark Center

Versace for H&M finally made it, After what seemed like a rubber band ball of dates that left many shoppers scratching their heads for weeks. The one very big piece of information that didn’t fall short of misleading, was the clear protocol implemented by the  retailer in what was known as  “How to Shop”. NorthPark […]

Versace for H&M causes DFW Madness (of sorts)

Well the date came and went, but needless to say  i smelled something fishy when it came to the dates. As stated before, in my Versace Pt 1 post.  fashion and dates never seem to match up  in the fashion world. this past Thursday the 17th, NorthPark center was due to debut its Versace for […]