SeanInTheCity | 6 Days of Christmas: A Year for Books

This year, seems like  it was  a major year for the coffee table book. From TV retrospects, to Pop and Fashion icons, all published equally iconic books in 2011.As the holiday seasons comes to a close here soon, these books both small and large make great gifts. In fact,  if i had to choose my […]

SeanInTheCity | 10 Days of Christmas : Santa’s Right Hand Man, Ralph Lauren

Ok, now its REALLY crunch time! Here we are 10 days left, I’m sure if you haven’t started shopping your either having a nervous breakdown or on the verge of one. Well never fear, Santa has one major helper, one can say, that makes all kinds of wonderfully fabulous things that satisfy  everyone, and of […]

SeanInTheCity | 12 days of Christmas: Bendel Budget Bliss

Ok, Its crunch time people! 12 days left until the most holly night of the year. If your like me and you havent even started your christmas shopping, never fear there are many ways to get around to it, without having to suffer the idea of showing up empty-handed to your friend’s or family’s Christmas […]