SeanInTheCity | 12 days of Christmas: Bendel Budget Bliss

Ok, Its crunch time people! 12 days left until the most holly night of the year. If your like me and you havent even started your christmas shopping, never fear there are many ways to get around to it, without having to suffer the idea of showing up empty-handed to your friend’s or family’s Christmas […]

Versace for H&M Finally Hits NorthPark Center

Versace for H&M finally made it, After what seemed like a rubber band ball of dates that left many shoppers scratching their heads for weeks. The one very big piece of information that didn’t fall short of misleading, was the clear protocol implemented by the  retailer in what was known as  “How to Shop”. NorthPark […]

The SeanInTheCity Christmas List

Tis the season, I do admit I am starting a tad early, but in my mind it’s never to early to start swimming in christmas cheer. Another great tradition that is equally exciting for me at christmas, is my elusive christmas list. Since the early age of 5, I have been putting together a christmas […]