Let’s have a ConversaSEAN


After a long-winded hiatus, months of prep, and some soul-searching, I am very thrilled to introduce the new Sean In The City DFW blog. It has been a while in the making but nothing thrills me most to announce a change to my beloved site, and the observations that lead me to refocus and repurpose.

I launched my Style blog in the spring of 2011 and all of you, my equally beloved followers, have noticed an absence in my newsy daily postings. I in return noticed the outpour of questions from all of you regarding my return. Well I’m back, and it goes without saying the humbled nature that I feel with this reintroduction. For your outreach proves that this site no longer just serves me in the manner in which I thought, for it serves all of you who eagerly want to discover who-is-who and what-is-what along with me right here in DFW. That is the driving force behind today’s announcement.

During my hiatus I pondered about what really compelled me to venture out each day and power through our city in curious chaos. I also pondered, what exactly does this city really want to know? Was it all things fashion? Was it all things entrainment? Was it political or spiritual? Randomized thoughts filled my head with how to put together a platform where all of these subjects could mesh  and all of you could source your own discovery.  I struggled with what really tied all these issues and subjects together. And why did I feel so compelled to talk about them? I found that my city ventures became mini-chats with anyone who would spare an ear. Not a day went by without a discussion with friends, give or take a stranger or two, about who and what folks  were talking about, and how I could use my blog to serve it. Continue reading

Diana Vreeland film screens at DIFF, Director speaks of what’s to come this fall!

Director Lisa Immordino Vreeland

Last Tuesday, was the first of two screenings of Diana Vreeland The Eye Has To Travel, which naturally was my center piece screening, if you will, at the 2012 DIFF. Clearly I wasnt the only one who was expressing a certain kind of groupie-ism, as word spread of the film so did the news that first time director, Lisa Immordino Vreeland, was due right here in the city.

Our city indeed moved quickly, centering events around this particular film, professors professed  all info to  fashion students, and just like that, Diana Vreeland The Eye Has To Travel became among the most anticipated films at the  DIFF. I  was sure to snag tickets to the first screening, which was the ideal  intimate setting with fashion enthusiast of old and young and Lisa Immordino Vreeland  watching along with us.

The Film, which was paired with the book published in october, sharing the same name, also  published by Lisa Immordino Vreeland , who to add is the granddaughter-in-law of the Diana Vreeland herself, Talk about fashion history indeed!   The film  brings the pages of the book right to life, in fact i’m speaking literally, First scenes of the film  show  each page of the book , and snap shots of Vreeland’s apartment, which is almost just as famous, being modeled after a garden in hell. Continue reading

Marni for H&M hits NorthPark Center, Rules and Regulations Apply.


A mere three days left  untill we see yet another high-profile H&M Collebration hit our metro, and “Yet another” Italian fashion house. Marni for H&M launchs March 8th at NorthPark Center, and I’m sure will be causing much havoc come shopping day.

The collection is to span, Women’s and Men’s lines, which will no doubt bring out Dallas’  most stylish peeps to form another mile long line.

Speaking of Doubt, there is some doubting   how  chaotic this time around will be. Lets not forget this is Dallas’ second  time at H&M maddness. The Versace for H&M  launch date caused a consumer craze. However Marni ,a lesser known fashion house “speaking in MASS MEDIA TERMS”, is leaving many style-istas underestimating the amount of people who will attend come shopping day. Continue reading

GCB debuts Pilot, becomes DFW trending topic


it’s finally here, the show that has caused so much buzz is finally out there in the world. GCB or (Good Christian Bitches) debuted its pilot last night on ABC. I’m sure everyone across America already knew about it, given its name sake. The title for the show had people more than talking, in fact protesting. ABC even changed it to Good Christian Belles, before finally censoring the title to three bold letters. interesting fact, this show aired in multiple countries around the world, and oddly enough it’s country of origin is the only country to censor the title. Like they say, no such thing as bad press, clearly GCB got all kinds of it.

Like it or not, we in DFW, were buzzing as well. If you havent yet seen that Fab billboard on N75 featuring Carlene Cockburn (Kristin Chenoweth) your missing a true “Blessen”! And yes I know, we Dallasoians have seen our fair share of stereotypes being thrown at us from every angle. However when the makers of Sex and the City and Steel Magnolias, broke news that their next project was based in our beloved metro, I couldn’t help but get a tad excited. Who better to produce quotes that are drenched in southern comfort.

Continue reading