Lisa Petty: Tales of an Editor

301025_2348091590302_5916080_nAfter nearly two years as Social Media Director as well as reporter at DFW Style Daily , I’m perhaps a tad overly thrilled to feature a role model for today’s ConversaSEAN.

I chatted with Lisa Petty, Editor-in-Chief of DFW Style Daily, who is no stranger to Sean In The City. This, in fact, marks her third appearance. As a contributor, I owe my first media/reporting job to Lisa. Words really can’t explain the many mentored lessons I have experienced under her leadership. From tweaking my journalistic instinct to mastering interviews and on-site reporting, my job has reached a max feeling of fulfillment.

My obsession of discovery was also a fine tuned tool learned on the job, a tool that last week I applied to “The Boss.” Truth be told, I have at times wondered what drives her, what sparks her interest, and what led her to create a publication with a new media edge. Last week, our team reached a milestone: publishing one thousand pieces of original content. This milestone, I felt, was perfect grounds to break out my tool of discovery, and find out the back-story of a person that has become among one of my dearest mentors.

So, I present my sit-down with Lisa Petty. Read on as she talks all about what taught her courage, what inspires her, and what DFW Style Daily has in store post the milestone moment. Lisa also hints on a big project in the works set for, the now On-Hiatus, Fashion’s Night Out.

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Nicole Crane: White Winged Dove

photo-1Well for starters, I have to say that words can’t describe the fun I had with this music edition of Sean In The City. Chatting over coffee with iTunes at the ready, Nicole Crane opened my eyes to the diverse and unique  music scene right here in Dallas. She is also to blame for sparking a Stevie Nicks moment, now turned obsession, right on my iPod. The Starbucks on Caruth Haven/ Greenville was jamming while our rock-steady chat took place.

Today,  Straight off the SXSW “band wagon” Nicole brings a bit of groove to the blog with her all access pass insight worthy of a Steve Nicks fan base. A music enthusiast doesn’t begin to tell about Nicole’s presence in the Dallas scene. With her Blog, Flannel Friction, she declares to the world her music filled life.  Plus, her studious background  in voice and musical performance labels Nicole as a music pro far from just groupie-dom. Her knowledge of the industry leads her to explore multiple genres dissecting every sound and every lyric. To add, being part of the Dallas Observer’s street team  gets her into some of Dallas’ can’t-miss shows, perhaps Perks worthy of a Wallflower (A must-pun moment). My ConversaSEAN  with this musical maven  made me listen a little more carefully and of course Jam a little harder. Perhaps even awakening my inner white-winged dove.

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Arami Carrales: Silver Screen Star

photoYou may have spotted Arami Carrales around town impeccably dressed to the nines, even at midday. No doubt among our city’s most stylish.  You may also have spotted her along side myself In The City given she is among my dearest friends. Our friendship, just shy of a decade, has developed into a fashion filled companionship one can’t help but be grateful for. Having met in design school, I personally have witnessed her limitless talent and over-the-top vision. Our love for fashion is not the only connection we share. Both Arami and I, oddly enough,  have our roots in the same small town of Kingsville TX.

A recent graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas, Arami is already on a non-stop  schedule. With a strong Passion for film, Arami’s early career is already leading her to work with some of DFW’s leading names in the industry.  Today, she dishes on life post-college, her current projects, and her unique namesake that always has everyone wondering about her free-spirited attitude. I must say, my sit down with Arami  opened my eyes to a wider view and appreciation on fashion in film, and it thrills me to feature a ConversaSEAN  today with such a dear friend and a rising Silver Screen Star.  Continue reading

James Waylon Tate: Beauty and Bureaucracy


With a Makeup career that spans far and wide and a thriving political powerhouse, James Waylon Tate is among DFW’s most fascinating residents. James is known to have  a non-stop travel schedule only worthy of a national campaign route.  His done-up faces have graced some of DFW’s most notable figures. In addition to a client list that reads like a society page’s who’s-who, James also serves as a valued member of Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins’ team. His efforts to help cultivate our metro’s judicial voice to advocate social awareness also spans multiple causes.  His Voice on Domestic policy has gone far from unsung even taking him directly to The White House last year. Working with local LGBT organizations have also propelled Dallas to having a leader in the strive for equality.

Today,  I’m thrilled to have one of DFW’s strongest figures, and most talented , featured in my inaugural interview. My conversation with James, goes with out saying,  gave way to some fascinating insight on beauty and bureaucracy. Also, James weighs in on todays historic  Supreme Court hearings regarding Marriage Equality. Continue reading