The Best and Worst, OSCARS 2012

Ok, the reviews are in and needless to say they are all very mixed. Billy Crystal’s much-anticipated comeback was trending on twitter as a snooze feast, however in his opening he welcomed everyone to the “chapter 11 theater” referring  to the recent bankruptcy filling of the Kodak Theatre. It brought  everyone back to reality  in my […]

Rising Style Star Juan Flores, Talks Fashion, Style and All That Glitter

In a new installment following my Chats in The City, I got the great chance to sit down with Rising Style Star, Juan Flores, about his extraordinary hard work around town, and his recent notable mention, that many of us aspiring fashion groupies only dream of. Needless to say Juan Flores is the one to […]

Madonna steals Super Bowl XLVI’s spotlight, with a Pose, a Prayer, and a Finger.

Ok,  clearly did we have any doubt that Mad Maddy couldn’t blow it out of  the ball park “so to speak” Umm, no! Madonna’s much-anticipated performance of SUPER BOWL XLVI was toping the talk, considering the amount of press  Madonna gifted us with weeks leading up to the game. Entering the field, with  a sea […]