Lisa Petty: Tales of an Editor

After nearly two years as Social Media Director as well as reporter at DFW Style Daily , I’m perhaps a tad overly thrilled to feature a role model for today’s ConversaSEAN. I chatted with Lisa Petty, Editor-in-Chief of DFW Style Daily, who is no stranger to Sean In The City. This, in fact, marks her […]

Nicole Crane: White Winged Dove

Well for starters, I have to say that words can’t describe the fun I had with this music edition of Sean In The City. Chatting over coffee with iTunes at the ready, Nicole Crane opened my eyes to the diverse and unique  music scene right here in Dallas. She is also to blame for sparking […]

Arami Carrales: Silver Screen Star

You may have spotted Arami Carrales around town impeccably dressed to the nines, even at midday. No doubt among our city’s most stylish.  You may also have spotted her along side myself In The City given she is among my dearest friends. Our friendship, just shy of a decade, has developed into a fashion filled […]

James Waylon Tate: Beauty and Bureaucracy

With a Makeup career that spans far and wide and a thriving political powerhouse, James Waylon Tate is among DFW’s most fascinating residents. James is known to have  a non-stop travel schedule only worthy of a national campaign route.  His done-up faces have graced some of DFW’s most notable figures. In addition to a client […]