Luau In The City

Its getting hot in the city. Clearly this isn’t news. Summer is in full swing and in spite of our rising tempts we have been relatively cool. I’m so thankful this blog is based in DFW and not Sin City where the temps have literally gone to hell. However, if you’re like me and sensitive […]

Nicole Crane 2: Soundtracking

My pop-culture mind is gushing with glam in light of the much anticipated remake of The Great Gatsby. Truth be told, I may actually be gushing for the fact that Baz Luhrmann is at the helm. Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, seriously the term epic is an understatement for this man (at least I think […]

Cody Amos: Artful Innovation

Local graphic designer Cody Amos has had quite the artful life in the city. I share a very dear relationship with Cody. Our personal  friendship as spanned over five years, and our evolution in our crafts were shared while attending the Art Institute of Dallas. Both of us members of the graduating class of 2009. […]