Arami Carrales: Silver Screen Star

photoYou may have spotted Arami Carrales around town impeccably dressed to the nines, even at midday. No doubt among our city’s most stylish.  You may also have spotted her along side myself In The City given she is among my dearest friends. Our friendship, just shy of a decade, has developed into a fashion filled companionship one can’t help but be grateful for. Having met in design school, I personally have witnessed her limitless talent and over-the-top vision. Our love for fashion is not the only connection we share. Both Arami and I, oddly enough,  have our roots in the same small town of Kingsville TX.

A recent graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas, Arami is already on a non-stop  schedule. With a strong Passion for film, Arami’s early career is already leading her to work with some of DFW’s leading names in the industry.  Today, she dishes on life post-college, her current projects, and her unique namesake that always has everyone wondering about her free-spirited attitude. I must say, my sit down with Arami  opened my eyes to a wider view and appreciation on fashion in film, and it thrills me to feature a ConversaSEAN  today with such a dear friend and a rising Silver Screen Star. 


Sean Charles: First I must ask, (I’m sure you have been asked this many times)  How did you end up with such a unique and beautiful name like Arami?

Arami Carrales: Yes, all the time [laughs] every time I meet someone new and my name is in a three-minute conversation, but I don’t mind explaining. Aramí is Argentinian it means a pale blue sky. It is very interesting seeing people’s face expression when I introduce myself. I also have to spell it out because people think it is spelled Adtame or Autumn it’s funny so to me.

SC: Fresh out of design school what are some of your ambitions?

AC: I knew I wanted to be happy and love what I do. I had a strong desire to work in the film industry doing costume design. I was very pleased after I graduated to have  the privilege of working with Stephen Chudej an award-winning costume designer on a short film in San Antonio Texas called Devil Deal Blues about Robert Johnson. I was so honored to work with on this feature.

SC: You have worked on a number of movie sets in the wardrobe department and currently are gearing up for a couple of other films, Tell me about your experiences on set?

AC: First one I worked on was a short film, which was DEVIL DEAL BLUES, set in the 1930s, we filmed in the hotel where he first recorded, it was a lot of fun, I didn’t know anybody at the time.  I went into it with an open mind, after a week it felt like a family. I’m starting on a film titled Hovey next week. This will be my first full length feature film, I’m schedule for a month of production so that’s exciting!

SC: How did you get your foot in the door with the film industry? 

AC: While I was in school, I was close with the director of the Fashion Design department, she knew I was into costume design, She pushed me to experience that side of the industry, through her I met many people in Film.

SC: who have been among your favorite Costume Designers? 

AC: Adrian Greenberg has been among them, He of course was who designed Dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz.

SC: What would be your dream decade in film to work on?

AC: I loved, the silent film era, So much attention to detail in that genre had to be paid to costumes and style. One of my favorite films would be 1927’s Metropolis, that decade for sure would be the one.

SC: I have to ask, who was your favorite screen starlet? 

AC: Elizabeth Taylor, hands down, She started so young, every costume was so specialized for you. When she did Cleopatra she made that film all about her, Every costume was legendary, is was about Cleopatra but seeing her in costume all you could think was Elizabeth Taylor.

SC: What do you think about the Dallas film scene?

AC: Its great, I’m very excited about the Dallas International Film Festival  which starts this week,  the film scene like the fashion scene is growing faster each day here in DFW.

SC: Costume wise, what is your favorite film?

AC: Anything Tim Burton, I have always loved the dark looks and themes present in his films, right now  I’m currently looking forward to The Great Gatsby, I know those looks are going to be good!

SC: Given your thriving connections to film, do you perhaps see yourself winning an Oscar one day?

AC:  why not [Laughs] That thought tends to pop-up from time to time.

SC:  What initially sparked your interest in Fashion Design?

AC: I have always since I was a little girl felt creative when dressing myself whether it matched or not. As I grew older I knew I wanted to be in the industry. I just love what clothes do and how they make you feel. There was always something there that always intrigued me.

SC: Who would you say are some of your designer inspirations?

AC: Coco Chanel has been a big influence, and the decade which Chanel was at her peak is also a favorite of mine. Today, Miuccia Prada is also a big influence.

SC: I know your grandmother played a big role in your road to fashion design, How did she inspire you?

AC: My Grandmother, she actually lived out  in a ranch and was a seamstress, I grew up watching her make dresses in her sewing room, as I got older I kept watching her, When I was about seven, the first thing I sewed was a pillow [Laughs]!

SC: Given You just graduated from the art institute, how does it feel to be out there now in the industry?

AC: Feels great, however I still have to be open to whatever comes my way, luckily I am working with a great costume designer who is showing me the ropes. I love that even post college, I’m still learning each day.

SC: What do you think of the thriving Dallas fashion scene?

AC: Dallas seems to move faster and faster everyday, everything seems so fresh here. The creativity here is very unique.

SC: Can we expect a Collection from you anytime soon?

AC: I have been so inspired  with 70s right now, maybe it might happen, my attention is currently with Film, but I won’t say NO [Laughs]!

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6 thoughts on “Arami Carrales: Silver Screen Star

  1. Congratulation Arami!!! I’ve always thought you had it in you, to become the beautiful and talented young lady you’ve become! Watching you grow up, I knew you had a sense of Class and Beauty that would one day shine in what ever you do! Continue believing in yourself and one day soon, sooner than you think, YOU”LL HAVE YOUR OWN OSCAR!!! As always, with Love…………….Uncle Dan

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