Let’s have a ConversaSEAN


After a long-winded hiatus, months of prep, and some soul-searching, I am very thrilled to introduce the new Sean In The City DFW blog. It has been a while in the making but nothing thrills me most to announce a change to my beloved site, and the observations that lead me to refocus and repurpose.

I launched my Style blog in the spring of 2011 and all of you, my equally beloved followers, have noticed an absence in my newsy daily postings. I in return noticed the outpour of questions from all of you regarding my return. Well I’m back, and it goes without saying the humbled nature that I feel with this reintroduction. For your outreach proves that this site no longer just serves me in the manner in which I thought, for it serves all of you who eagerly want to discover who-is-who and what-is-what along with me right here in DFW. That is the driving force behind today’s announcement.

During my hiatus I pondered about what really compelled me to venture out each day and power through our city in curious chaos. I also pondered, what exactly does this city really want to know? Was it all things fashion? Was it all things entrainment? Was it political or spiritual? Randomized thoughts filled my head with how to put together a platform where all of these subjects could mesh  and all of you could source your own discovery.  I struggled with what really tied all these issues and subjects together. And why did I feel so compelled to talk about them? I found that my city ventures became mini-chats with anyone who would spare an ear. Not a day went by without a discussion with friends, give or take a stranger or two, about who and what folks  were talking about, and how I could use my blog to serve it.

Then it dawned on me. The most fascinating thing that revolved around all these subjects were the people I took upon myself to ask.  I found myself  not dwelling on the subjects at hand, but who was talking about it and more importantly why these people were so fascinated by the given subject. I realized if only these discussions could have taken place right here on this very blog how great it would be to share it with all of you. After all I was sharing thoughts and asking things that, blog or  no blog, I believe we all ask daily. Discovery is a destination we all try to get to, and a perfect destination for a blogger to propel on a his platform.

So it seemed looking back, That was the thread running through each news beat I followed, every tweet I tracked, and every post I shared. Plus,  My work as social media director of DFW Style Daily as well lead me to the front line of discussion. Watching and tracking how the people of DFW took to the news of all things style was oddly thrilling for me. In fact reaching out daily via social media was perhaps more thrilling than the actual shared headline. I would ask myself every morning, Whoa, what are people going to say about this?

None the less,  It was all of you who seek the information and who make the city itself fascinating. From fashion designers, artists, entertainers, philosophical homeless men, and stay-at-home moms that truly make our city a gem and the whole point of why I had dedicated a blog to DFW from the beginning. The Everyday people, as Oprah would say, was my “Aha” moment of how to make Sean In The City DFW a home of discovery, and how to do that was clear, by talking to all of you.

So, How did a style blogger come to this refocused idea? Well its simple, style for me  was always a conveyed thought. A meticulously crafted way to communicate. A public statement rendered in fabric, if you will.  That in fact, was what drove my education in fashion and now my work in media, What was style trying to say about who we are?  That question on style was the original blue print for this blog. My past reporting as well opened the door to the people who helped articulate that question.  It was that door that awakened my curiosity on what these people had to say. The statements and ideas given,  I realized, were what made up our city’s DNA. Leaving this newsboy overtly craving to hear more, and speak to anyone and everyone who had something say about anything.

It thrills me, oh how it thrills me,  that today I announce that Sean In The City DFW is a new home not just for me but for all of you to discover along with me who exactly make up our city.  Who are the movers and shakers of  our metro, how our they contributing to our unique urban dynamic, and what do they have to say about all things  in the city. With this renewed outlook and reintroduced blog I invite all of you to join me every Tuesday, as I venture into our city to interview the everyday people of our metro. Read along as I ask who they are, what they do, and more importantly what they have to say about Life, Style, and Entrainment. Click around, share about, and “Let’s have a CoversaSEAN”.

Starting tomorrow, I will introduce everyone to one of the people who lead me to this repurposed blog forum, a person whom I owe much of my free thinking and free-spirited curiosity to. Perhaps even, dare I say, someone who has defiantly encouraged every wild thought and every question I have. A person who contributes to our city in more ways than one. Stay tuned  for a can’t miss conversation coming tomorrow.

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