Marni for H&M hits NorthPark Center, Rules and Regulations Apply.


A mere three days left  untill we see yet another high-profile H&M Collebration hit our metro, and “Yet another” Italian fashion house. Marni for H&M launchs March 8th at NorthPark Center, and I’m sure will be causing much havoc come shopping day.

The collection is to span, Women’s and Men’s lines, which will no doubt bring out Dallas’  most stylish peeps to form another mile long line.

Speaking of Doubt, there is some doubting   how  chaotic this time around will be. Lets not forget this is Dallas’ second  time at H&M maddness. The Versace for H&M  launch date caused a consumer craze. However Marni ,a lesser known fashion house “speaking in MASS MEDIA TERMS”, is leaving many style-istas underestimating the amount of people who will attend come shopping day.

However, I beg to differ. Dallas’ seems to not get as much style credit as it’s due. We learned this during the Missoni for Target fiasco. Many bloggers and writers around town expected an underwhelming turnout, which clearly turned out to be  the complete opposite. This can only mean that Dallas knows their fashion. So, I expect an equally large turnout for Marni for H&M, the fan base H&M seems to have is almost biblical to say the  least, people are “AWARE” trust me!

reflecting back on Versace for H&M, the shopping day came with a protocol. A complete systematic, neatly organized, set of  rules and regulations,that would in hopes make everyone satisfied in shopping. The system involving colored bracelets,a time limit, and of course a Max/Min amount of what you can and can’t buy, are all back!

Marni for H&M will continue in the protocol,  and again these rules and regulations will only apply to the women’s collection. Which is bad news for me, given I plan to snag up a few items, but boys will boys I guess, we are left to fight for our fashion.

Marni for H&M is  much-anticipated, and im sure that the line at NorthPark Center will be at Max capacity. Perhaps this  time i’ll score one of those coveted “first in line spots”, 5AM anyone?, I tease, ill be there 4am!

for more on The Rules and Regulations visit H&M’s HOW TO SHOP


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