DFW BUZZ : Madonna adds second AAC performance

Seems Madonna is yet again making an appearance on my blog, given No one saw this coming. As  mentioned in a prior blog post, the idea that Madonna would take a note from GAGA and add a second date was something that may have made all Madonna maniacs feel it was wishful thinking. Well wishing for it worked.

Madonna is set to perform right here in D-City October 20,  those tickets which went on sale yesterday flew by, leaving many fans empty-handed and disappointed. So the news that Madonna has extended her stay for one more night gives people “like me” hope in scoring tickets. The Pop Goddess  has included, October 21, to her tour. Those tickets go on sale March 5th, giving everyone a second chance at scoring Madonna seats  in DFW.

However, keep in mind the die-hard Fans out there, that may want to make a Madonna Weekend out of this and try to snag more tickets. Who knows, I know I have been left as one of those die-hard fans that fell short of scoring tickets, to I’m hoping everyone will wish me luck this time around.

But, if you still fall short, much like I probably am, The Diva  has also added a seconded date to her Houston Stop also. Do I here Road Trip? I think so!

for more visit Madonna.com or local ticket vendors online!


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