Rising Style Star Juan Flores, Talks Fashion, Style and All That Glitter

In a new installment following my Chats in The City, I got the great chance to sit down with Rising Style Star, Juan Flores, about his extraordinary hard work around town, and his recent notable mention, that many of us aspiring fashion groupies only dream of.

Needless to say Juan Flores is the one to watch in the DFW style Scene, with an A-list resume behind him, and a fixation on the work fashion has to offer, Juan is on his way, or perhaps, already arrived as a DFW Fashion Prince.

Many Topics touched during our talk, in fact this 22-year-old Wade Student taught me a few things with his insight. But nothing struck me more than our conversation about the difference between, Working and Being, in fashion.

Many people in our crazy little industry have observantly become fixated on the Glamour of it all. Sure, Fashion Shows, Style Events, even many retail stores themselves, all have the “Glitter ” that makes our industry ever so alluring. The rarely seen aspect of our industry in any given area is the pain staking; time-consuming, lightning speed pace it takes to produce all that Glitter.

Fran Lebowitz, once said “the entire fashion world could fit in one room”, perhaps she was speaking of the topic at hand, truth is so few find themselves in that small room, producing what fashion is known to be, for at times so few are found actually doing the work, and just simply being drenched in all that  Glitter.

However, Juan Flores, on his first few quotes with me, expressed first, the passion for the Work and the integrity for the work that keeps his ego in check. Talk then flowed into his experiences, Juan clearly isn’t blinded by All That Glitter, his integrity and passion for the work, seems to be a great talent, that we see so few of in todays glitter greased world!

His work is well deserving of the validation he has received from the industry, from notable scholarships, even a mention in Vogue Italia, which is only a dream to most.

No Glitter here, just blood sweat and tears. Setting the bar high is exactly what this rising style star does day after day, his mantra “WORK HARD, EXPECT HARDER” clearly his passion alone for the work is a force to battle with, and the talent only adds fuel to the flame. Juan has worked with notable style names  in DFW, from Photographers, Stylists, Events, and of course Retail, he’s everywhere, quickly mastering all that fashion has to offer. His perception of it all, to sum up, why be part of All That Glitter, when you could be the force behind its creation

A great lesson, indeed!

A fascinating sit down … read all about DFW’s One To Watch Style Star.

One thing I noticed in our chat, was the amazing amount of confidence and maturity you have, where do you say that comes from?

Juan Flores: Yes, I do have a lot of confidence.  It’s not something I was born with.  I went through that stage where I was insecure, I think we all go through it when we are in High School or younger, and this helped me develop tough skin which allowed me to not let everyone’s opinion’s about me get to me. Another thing that has built my confidence is the fact that I have failed and been rejected.  This has helped me be fearless of anything in the world.  I mean this is the way I see it- you are always going to get what you put into it.  It might not be as soon as you want it, but if you keep trying and trying it will all pay off one day.  My confidence I think is more of being optimistic than being confident.  I just really try to have a positive perspective for everything, and tell myself that I can accomplish anything I want to.

My maturity is something that I have developed from my ambitions.  I am a very motivated person, and know exactly what I want in life, so at a young age I always disciplined myself and put school and work above my social life.

To be honest, Many people see Fashion as a Glamorous life, both you and I know that is far from the truth, your passion for the “WORK” is rare, how do you stay focused on the Work, and not on the short lived Glamour side of the industry?

Juan Flores:  It’s so funny that you say that!  People think that our jobs are so FABULOUS, and that we are just socializing with a cocktail, and radiating glitter. Reality is that it’s not like that.  Fashion is an illusion that is perceived differently by each person, and I really think that you have to start from the bottom up in order to understand the “glamour” side of fashion.

The way that I stay focused on my work is by reminding myself of the reason why I’ve worked so hard these past years of my life, and that reason is not for a cocktail or to enjoy the fabulous perks that the fashion scene has, but rather to accomplish my goals and to take fashion to the next level, and inspire others!

All these temptations are things that have ruined people’s careers in this industry, and they are all temporary, so why waste years of hard work for a night of fun.  I just don’t think it’s worth it.  I mean, go enjoy yourself and have fun while doing your job, but don’t consume to much of these temptations, because it can come back and bite you in the butt.  It’s horrible what your public image can do to your career.

Where do you see yourself in fashion in the next two years?

Juan Flores:  I see myself in Los Angeles working for a well-known designer such as Marc Jacobs, or Haute Hippie.  I wouldn’t mind still doing some styling, but my goal is to be doing more of the marketing side of things, and the advertising for that label.  I really want to do everything in the fashion industry and my next jobs might change, but this is my goal as in right now.

How do you personally define fashion/style?

Juan Flores:  Fashion/Style to me is all a fantasy.  I think of it as a way of expression and liberation.  Fashion allows us to escape reality and portray ourselves in any kind of way we want to be portrayed.  We dress ourselves in luxurious fabrics, colors, and silhouettes to make a statement about ourselves, the world, or even a subject. Fashion is the most beautiful thing that I have encountered in my life.  I have changed over the past years, and my fashion/style has involved what has helped me to discover my purpose in life.  It’s funny to me how fashion seems vey superficial and to some artificial, but its more than clothes, its a way of expressing your uniqueness and your individuality to the world.  It’s something that has given hope to others, and has motivated many to keep pushing for the stars, well as for me it did.

How would you describe DFW Style, and wear do you see the DFW fashion scene going?

Juan Flores:  DFW style to me is very unique.  Most places have there own signature, for example Austin is very casual, Los Angeles is kind of a mixture of boho meets sophistication, New York is kind of all street fashion, but Dallas I guess you can say we are a little bit dressed up, but its something that can’t be described.  One thing we do have in common is the HAIR!  BIG TEXAS HAIR!

As far as the DFW Fashion scene I see it really becoming the next New York!  I know we were a little slower in the pace of getting there, but I guarantee you in about 6 years it’s going to be massive.  Many people will consider us a fashion capital, and will be the home of many fashionistas.

If you could give a few pieces of advice to incoming Fashion Students, what would it be?

Juan Flores: Always remain humble!  Never let all the parties, accomplishments, and success get to you, because once you take advantage of it-it will backfire and destroy you.  One day you can be somebody, and the next day you can just be common folk, and especially in this industry its easy to be replaced.

Always keep your connections clean!  Meaning, do not destroy relationships or burn any bridges you might need later.  It’s really crazy how small this industry is, and one day you might actually need that one person for something.

The last thing I would say is have a PURPOSE!  Always keep trying even though there is a lot of rejection never let someone tell you “you can’t do it” or that “you are not good enough” use that negative energy as fuel and if you keep believing in yourself you will get to your dreams, I promise!

2 thoughts on “Rising Style Star Juan Flores, Talks Fashion, Style and All That Glitter

  1. Had the opportunity to see you in Panel @ the mockingbird station Spring Event. I immediately got on my phone to check out your blog…. I read this article and I could not describe to you what an honor it was to read about such a beautiful person like Juan. His picture even portrays that mantras he wears proudly as a fashion lover. I have never heard of him until I started reading up on your blog but it was an inspiration to read his comments and future plans an definitely sets up an example to follow as me being a Fashion merchandising Student @ El Centro working towards a place in this beautiful, sweat and tears but unique and rewarding field of the world of Fashion. I wish I had the opportunity to send my congratulations & comments to him directly but I’m sure you will deliever the message…. SUCH AN INSPIRING STORY!! THANK YOU for doing a beautiful article on him and I’ll def become a fan of your blog & keep up with you!

    • hey there,
      So glad you attended our What To Wear Event, it sure was lots of fun. Your comments on Juan make me so happy! I was thrilled to attend school with him for a brief time, and even more thrilled to have had an opportunity to interview him. Juan really is a gem in the fashion industry here in DFW and abroad. His creativity inspired me while in school, and so glad to hear he continues to inspire with my interview, Again many thanks and see you soon “In The City”!


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