DFW Buzz: Madonna World Tour to make a stop in BIG D!

I must stress, this is NOT a Madonna blog, however it seems like is has been transformed into one, im sure  all of you are now witnessing my groupie-ism, for whats its worth, and trust me this news is worth it!

Fresh off yesterdays Madonna Bowl buzz, the Queen of Pop yet again is riding the press to keep us all talking. And all of us in DFW are certainly talking. Madonna officially has launched her 2012 World Tour, and what do you know, Dallas is scheduled for a stop. Come October 20, The American Airlines Center will  be home to Madge, tickets go on sale February 27th at 10am, the  VIP packages seem to be worth it, considering you will  be up against every groupie in the city purchasing  General Admission, hopefully she learned something from Gaga, and   she will Play Bid D twice, perhaps that may be  my wishful thinking, also, I do strongly doubt that Mad Maddy will be found  after wards at Round Up  for a make-shift meet and great, I thought I might as well put that out there! 

For more on Today’s Official Press Release and entire Tour List, incase you make Madonna a destination, She is Playing the U.A.E. and lets not forget that it’s now a  direct flight from Big D, again Why  not make Madonna a Destination?

On a side note, the amount of press surrounding Madonna, seems  to be setting the stage for an extreme epic tour, The Confessions Tour  in 2006 was  amazingly Great, Sticky & Sweet Tour in 2008 was the highest grossing Tour by a signal Artist (at the time) , but who can forget The Reinvention  World Tour  back in 2004, which  was  an unforgettable, beyond amazing tour, to say the very least! Lets see what she has up her sleeve this time around.

She  did name the tour after herself, so that has to mean something big is due to come, although word in DFW is fast spreading about the fact that  the location is AAC  and not Cowboy Stadium, would be a good chance to have Jerry redeem himself over last  year’s Super Bowl mess, however the drive to the stadium has left me defending the AAC, Sean likes to “stay” in the city!



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