Madonna steals Super Bowl XLVI’s spotlight, with a Pose, a Prayer, and a Finger.

Ok,  clearly did we have any doubt that Mad Maddy couldn’t blow it out of  the ball park “so to speak” Umm, no! Madonna’s much-anticipated performance of SUPER BOWL XLVI was toping the talk, considering the amount of press  Madonna gifted us with weeks leading up to the game.

Entering the field, with  a sea of hunky beef cakes, pulling  a throne with the woman of the hour sitting right at the top, felt like a subliminal message to let everyone know she still is,  and will remain The Queen of Pop, then BAM…  Strike a Pose…  first words to the epic performance now in progress. An egyptian battle themed VOGUE rendition was the  perfect way to start it off. I might add, having permission to use the actual VOGUE magazine font, in here 3D visuals was equally epic. then of course came her new single, which is a little to catchy  for me, however like it or not the song is being talked about along with the side kicks Nicki Minaj and  of course M.I.A ,

which was so graceful in giving all of America the finger, causing NBC to blur  the scene about 3 seconds to late.  the 30 second delay should have been pushed to at least 45, its Madonna, COME ON, havent we learned anything  from Madonna’s 30 year reign. Even the Vatican was smart enough to Ban her from Rome in 1990.

then, perhaps my favorite part of the show, and I might say the perfect way to end this performance, Like A Prayer and its WORLD PEACE theme, was amazing! Cee Lo brought it down with his soul enriched voice,  and Madonna rolling around on the floor, made me think back to when I had discovered Madonna for myself in the 90s…Totally Madonnafied yet again, and now I am  really excited about the new Album MDNA which will drop in March.

So much is surrounding this performance, seems people forgot  to talk about the actual game, it really is amazing the star power Madonna has, in a mere 12 minutes and 46 seconds, she turned the entire focus of Super Bowl XLVI right  on herself. #MADONNABOWL was the number 1 hashtag on twitter last night, bumping #superbowlXLVI to god’s knows what number!

Aside from the music, all us  style-istas were for sure drooling over her  Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci, and  maxing it all out with Bulgari.,Which completely  turned my focus from Her extreme Auto-tuned voice, to  her make shift  Fashion Week Egypt of a stage!


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