ObsesSEAN | Madonna’s Masterpiece

So much hoopla over Madonna’s return. Many things are still trending in our social world over the Superbowl, The new album MDNA coming in march, and of course W.E. which is Madonna’s directorial debut. Seems she learned quite a bit from Ex-Husband Guy Richie. To say the least, W.E. has been marketed and branded for what seems like,  all of 2011, and now in 2012 is a surprising hit coming out of left field

We saw the 1st few glimpses into what Madonna had in store with the film in the november issue of Bazaar, but really I was not in tune with what was going on in  Material Girl World. The Superbowl news completely dwarfed the buzz around the film.

W.E. ,  a film about the affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, the American he gave up the throne for, a misunderstood affair to say the least. So many mixed reviews, many are not even buzzing about  an OSCAR nod, however what people are talking about is Masterpiece, the Films main Track, naturally performed by Madonna.

I must say,  the song is great! After all it did make my Obsession List, hot off the “Foreign Press”  that was last weekend’s Golden Globes  im understanding why the song WON. Perhaps maybe we will see Madonna even WIN an Oscar, but till then, I know this soundtrack is already set to repeat, feels good to have Madonna slowly take over my iPod once more!  Masterpiece by Madonna, takes me back to the Ray of Light/EVITA days i have to say! Obsessed!


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