Golden Globes, Best and Worst Moments

Well award season 2012 isnt disappointing, but  really when did award season ever disappoint. The Golden Globes were hot hot hot. All the talk of Ricky Gervais’ return had everyone on edge with what would be coming out of his mouth, surprisingly this year it seemed they tamed the beast.

However, the other return people were buzzing of was the much-anticipated comeback of Madonna, from the Cover of  November Bazaar announcing  Her film W.E.  has been taking everyone  off guard.  All this past week we saw the “Reductive” segmented interviews on every major network, that DID disappoint, for Madge deserves a full uninterrupted hour, after  30 years and all.  So  much Superbowl talk as well as catty Gaga comments, that we forgot she was in fact nodded for a Globe. The one person who didn’t forget, was arch nemesis Elton John, whose choice of words for Maddy on the red carpet with Carson Daily took a trashy turn, but it is the globes, lets save the Classey for Oscar shall we. none the less that cat grabbed Elton’s tongue when Madonna Won for best song, with Master Piece for W.E.  a moment “I” didn’t even she coming yet alone the Foreign Press! but unfortunately as excited as I am for Madonna’s comeback, I can’t say the same for that one gloved, cap sleeve,  Swatched  mess of a dress,   it’s a sad “oh well”!

Moving forward, Michelle Williams, enough  said!  Clearly Michelle is having her moment, and maybe able to snag an Oscar, however  her moment seems to be understated given the past best actress buzz   of the last two years held, i.e. the Sandra and Natalie craze. None the less she does seem to be my personal bid for Oscar.

But in true Best Actress style one must always share the light with our Lady Streep. Iron Lady seems  to be quite the force to battle  with, Streep’s iconic quote from IRON LADY is “SINK IT” and she just might this year at the OSCAR Stage.

OK, OK, enough about the  Globe & Oscar buzz, now to the styles. One the thing about the Globes I  must say,  is that the year after year it seems to be a lot less formal. In fact I agree the Globes is a lot more easier to watch than the over the top glam come Oscar night. None the less  ball gowns were out and reeking havoc on this night.

Among the most  notable of the evening, Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Versace, Nicole Kidman’s Versace , and of course Sofia Vergaga’s Vera Wang, which I must say is my personal big Winner. for the night.  as for the worst dressed pick, well DFW Style Daily and I seem to be on the same page with eek factor get up that Sarah Michelle Geller wrapped herself in.

Here are my  picks for best and worst dress at the 2012 Golden Globes, See everyone at the Grammy’s, and then straight on to OSCAR!

*DING DING WINNER* Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

ALL THE BEST "getty images"

WORST "Getty images"

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