DFW Style Daily Launches New Look, Introduces New Contributor

Sylvia Elzafon Photography

Well it’s a new year, and with every new year comes all new looks. one new look in particular has had myself and  I’m sure many fashionistas, all a buzz. The  look is none other than DFW Style Daily , the site that  has become much of our daily routine, Really, it’s hard   to believe how we ever did with out.

DFW Style Daily and it’s Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Petty,  first made their appearance right here on Sean In The City back in July. It was the Eve  to Launch day, and everyone  in our metro was a buzz. To be honest, DFW was due for a new and fresh online publication, that delivered on a daily basis. As they say, fashion doesn’t sleep, and neither does DFW Style Daily.

Moving forward to the now, with the publication we have come to love, Today  DFW Style Daily is launching a complete  and oh so chic new look. A look that matches it’s equally chic readers. Along with The new redesign, DFW Style Daily also is introducing a new contributor, that has myself all a buzz. The new addition to DFW Style Daily  is none other than …Myself !

Yes its true, I am so thrilled to    be joining  the team as Social Media Director,and have been so welcomed into  the DFW Style Daily Family, And not to mention even more excited to now be a part of The style site that changed  how we all  get  our fashion news right  here in DFW.

I had  a small sit down with editor-in-chief, Lisa Petty, on  the “then and nows” of DFW Style Daily, The site that has everyone clicking away every morning, even before we check our personal inboxes.

How would you described the new look?

Lisa Petty:  With this redesign, our content and images are still front-and-center, but we have updated the logo to reflect a more streamlined look. In addition, we punched up the overall color scheme and made the site iPhone and iPad-friendly. We have introduced an “upcoming events” roll on the right-hand sidebar, and added each contributor’s bio to the conclusion of his or her articles.  Another “bonus” to this new look is that each of our regular weekly series have also been refreshed, revamped, and in some cases, totally redesigned themselves. Finally, in 2012, we’ll also be featuring many more videos by our in-house video team.

What are your thoughts now on DFWSD, considering its notable growth since July?

Lisa Petty: My hat goes off to our incredible team of contributors, including writers, a photographer, a video correspondent, and yourself as our new Social Media Director. Each expert’s perspective lends strength to the whole, creating a stylishly well-rounded local fashion news site.  Our swift growth since launching in July absolutely thrills me, and I hope to continue to give our readers and viewers the info they need and the features they love, to keep them coming back for more.

Finally, As editor in chief, how does it make you feel, that DFWSD has become such a huge presence in the Dallas Fashion world?

Lisa Petty:  When I began developing the concept for DFW Style Daily, I believed that I was filling a niche that hadn’t yet been touched in the Dallas area. This is such a stylish, fashion-loving, avidly-shopping town, and I felt that a daily source for news in this very targeted area of focus would catch on quickly.  When I hear that DFW Style Daily is someone’s first or second “stop” of the morning when they sit down with a cup of coffee, it feels great. We will reach our goals one article, one video, one reader at a time.


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