SeanInTheCity | 1 Day to Christmas : Gift Card “Wrap Up”

ok people,  it’s really last-minute now, seriously its Christmas Eve ! But there is still a “wee” bit of time for your last second gift ideas, I mean very  last-minute. If you have been following  my 12 days of Christmas,  there is one more trick up my leave for you last a second gift, and considering this is the  last installment  of christmas guide 2011, there is no better  way to “WRAP UP” this holiday season  than with a Gift Card.

Wether you ran out of time, or you waited to the last-minute, or in my personal case forgot a special someone, “who will remain nameless” then the gift card is the perfect gift for you. But don’t get me wrong, many of those die-hard christmas shoppers believe that gift cards is  overly  impersonal, well I beg to differ. There are many of gift cards out there that can suit any specific person’s liking and will leave them with christmas cheer none the less.

So if you have been following my 12 days of christmas, one major thing that all the stores featured on  the SeanInTheCity Guide is that they all have exclusive gift cards.  If you didn’t get a chance to step into one of these stores you may do so now, to grab a card and allow the recipient to shop for what they really wanted this year. “Which is a beauty of an  excuse you give when giving it,  I love me a good gift card i have to say” its alot more personal than just handing them cash, EK!

If taken into note in our generation, considering that black friday started thursday evening this year, the 26th of December is as equally a mad house filled shopping holiday.  You might say its Gift Card Christmas Crazy.  So here are my picks for the top cards that are on my list this year. And  since its christmas eve I suggest you take a quick look and head out ASAP!

all cards are in your budget of course, well, if you choose them to be, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!

an All purpose Visa Gift Card

Henri Bendel, Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys New York

Ralph Lauren, Rugby Ralph Lauren

Abercrombie & Fitch, Origins

TARGET, Barnes  & Nobel

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One thought on “SeanInTheCity | 1 Day to Christmas : Gift Card “Wrap Up”

  1. Enjoyed all your ‘Days’ to Christmas.

    Merry Christmas, Sean.

    Ruth (& L T = your father’s clients that LOVE Starbucks [and Sex in the City], too)


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