SeanInTheCity | 2 Days of Christmas: Venti Cup of Joy, Starbucks

ok its Christmas Eve “Eve”, I have one special place I have been waiting to let everyone know about, it maybe last-minute gift giving, but it sure is my happy place. If you have any idea of who I am you would know that  I possibly spend more time at a Starbucks than I do at my own home.

Not many people see Starbucks as the ideal place to shop for someone  special, well if your someone is a coffee or tea connoisseur or just plan addicted like myself,  then  I suggest you rush right over to one and shop away. I could mention locations, but  come one there’s one on every corner, however in I must wish my Starbucks on Greenville/Caruth Haven a Merry Christmas!

From Coffee tumblers, to seasonal  blends, and not to mention a toy or two,  Starbucks is loaded with special individual  gift ideas and gift sets that will be the perfect Venti sized cup of  joy come Christmas morning, that is seriously around the corner. Many of you are probably even reading this entry at a Starbucks, so get up and look around. Here are my picks for this seasons Starbucks Holiday Gifts.

“Special note, Starbucks will be open Christmas Day, so if you are really pressed for time, stop in and make up for it”

Christmas Blend $15, House Blend $11Falala Ceramic Traveler $11, Classic Grande Mug $7Onward By Howard Schultz $25, 2011 Bearista bear $15Holiday Cold Cup Traveler $12, Stainless Steel Tumbler $17


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