SeanInTheCity | 3 Days of Christmas: The Origins of Christmas

We are down to the final 3 days people, im hoping everyone has already snagged up some perfect gifts in time, however there still one more idea for a great gift. Every one loves the whole spa way of life, women and men alike. I know I do, but I never have the time to get myself to one, so whats the next best thing, Origins.

I know there are many skin care lines out there but Origins, being  all natural is the best way to get that summer glow, during the winter harshness. Origins located at NorthPark Center is absolutely  loaded with something for all skin types, skin issues, and just because skin treats.

The holiday gift sets for both men and women are a major plus, given you only have 3 days now to have everything in the bag with a bow, and ready to go. Smooth Souffles and quick pincher picker uppers for anyones cheeks,  are all quite jolly for gift giving.

However I must name my favorite skin product from Origins, “A Prefect World Line”, and I will continue my indorsement for I feel it truly is magic in a bottle. Another great, The Charcoal Clear improvement Mask, one treatment and your face will glow just like a baby’s ASS! “really it’s amazing”!

So stop in NorthPark Center and gift set  it, or stocking stuff it, for anyone who is left on your list.

                          Keep Calm Candle and Stress Diffusing Candle $32 each

                      Charcoal Mask $15-$20, Modern Friction Dermabrasion $18-$40

Checks & Balances Face wash $10-$20, White Tea Face Wash “A Perfect World”$10-$21

                                Blush Brush $28, Power Foundation Brush $22

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