SeanInTheCity | 4 Days of Christmas : A Novel Approach, Urban Outfitters

Ok, well only 4 exact days now, and hopefully all   “high profile” gifts are out of the way, For Christmas day is just around the corner, but never fear you are not out of options. Now that time is ticking louder and faster, one has one more option  this holiday season when it comes down to gifting giving. however this method may be frowned upon in many households, but none the less, it’s always fun to take the novel approach to things.

Receiving Novelty gifts is nothing new, and it may not even be a novel Idea, but  it is traditional. We all have received  an ugly sweater or two in our lives, or a perhaps a Santa coffee mug ,what have you, but one big novelty gift comes to mind made famous by  a classic Christmas movie, That elusive  Leg Lamp in a Christmas Story. Probably that movie stands to be one of my favorites, and the only way to defend your novelty wish list. What’s Christmas without seeing a Christmas Story a few several times through the day, given it’s always on repeat on every major TV network come Christmas morning.

If you have  a novelty gift in mind, or if your out of your mind and want to give  a  joke, Rather than a gift come Christmas morning, Urban  Outfitters is your place. Filled to the rim with  the novel approach to Christmas, don’t get me wrong, they also have books, home goods and of course outfits. To be honest, when stepping into Urban ones attention always turns to the novelty sections that are spread out through the store, whether you like to admit to it or not.
iPhone covers that mock  the phones of the 80s,  kid robot collectibles, and yes even that leg lamp, there’s a product for everyone, not to mention the even more novel of a price they all have. Whether you loathe them or your like me and love them, your sure to get a smile or two come Christmas morning. Here are some of my Novel picks for this season, as tacky as they may be at times there always fun!

Stop in Urban Outfitters NorthPark Center for all the gifts we wont by ourselves but secretly want,  they are the perfect Holiday Gift!
Three Wise Men Flask $32m Cardboard Taxidermy $28
Native Union Pop Phone Headset $35, ’80s Cell Phone iPhone Case $20
Gummy Bear Lamp $30, Ceramic Paper Cup $14
Kid Robot Dunnys 2011 series $10m, Batman 2GB Flash Drive $24


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