SeanInTheCity | 5 Days of Christmas : 2011’s Movie Marvels

Captain America Blu-Ray $20

Much like yesterday’s book  list, 2011 also gave way to an epic  year in movies. The ending of one of the most famous movie franchises, Harry Potter, and Marvel’s 1st avenger  all added to the power punch at the box office. All this movie magic left us with great holiday ideas  for the Film  buffs in our life.

I myself am a major movie goer, and a sucker for a great Super Hero, so Captain America, as well as X-MEN 1st Class all made my list for christmas wishes. It wasnt just the scfi films that got people going, many book adaptations such as The Help  that some are saying is going to be the toast of the night come Oscar Sunday,

Water for Elephants aswell made a huge splash at the box office. Movies span many audiences, which only means one thing, they make a fool-proof gift for anyone, and considering the price of many of these films,  you just may be able to get many movie buffs  in your  family a copy of  a film that highlighted the year.

Animated features, dramas, horror,“SCREAM 4 was epic i must say” there was a film of every genre this year that made everyone beg for more. When speaking in terms of franchises, many film collections also re-released films. Such has the Harry Potter collection years  1-8. Some old favorites also made their way back, The Lion King, Disney’s most successful re-release, The Jurassic Park and Star Wars  trilogy as well made its return and debut on Blu-ray.   All available on BLU-RAY, DVD, and at home 3D. So,  moving from books into film, here are my picks of the must have Blu-rays this season.

Anywhere movies are sold, however might i suggests TARGET for in stock purposes, as well as deals.

The Help $30, Water for Elephants $28

Jurassic Park Trilogy $55, Star Wars Original Trilogy Blu-Ray Re-release  $45

The Hangover Part II $20, Braidsmaids $25

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II $25, THOR $25

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