SeanInTheCity | 6 Days of Christmas: A Year for Books

GAGA by Terry Richardson $35

This year, seems like  it was  a major year for the coffee table book. From TV retrospects, to Pop and Fashion icons, all published equally iconic books in 2011.As the holiday seasons comes to a close here soon, these books both small and large make great gifts. In fact,  if i had to choose my perfect gift one can give me it has to be a book. Many times over, have I expressed my book addiction to the world, and after this year its only gotten worse.

From stunning pictorial chronicles to  published secrets in the stories featured, Books  and the gift of information,  is  beyond perfect to receive  as well  great to give. Among some of my favorites this year, such as  The Oprah Winfrey Show : Reflections on An American Legacy, and GAGA by Terry Richardson, my list of books that have yet made their way into my life and the life of people I plan to give them too, goes on and on.

Film adaptations of books, also have seen  the return of old titles to the best sellers list, case in point the Millennium Trilogy by the late Stieg Larsson, which it’s 1st installment is causing much Oscar and Fashion buzz, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, has made a complete swing around since its published date back in 2004. One other book turned movie that has every one speaking about is The Help by Kathryn Stockett, book clubs everywhere had this selection, and the film of the year is perhaps all ready being nodded for a best picture category.

This was a great year for memoirs as well, in fact the passing of Steve Jobs, our generation’s Thomas Edison to quote many media outlets, published his own memoir with biographer Walter Isaacson. Our other beloved talked show host Ellen, as well took a piece of the publishing world with her release of  Seriously….I’m Kidding, a look into the personal life of the woman  who is full of laughs.

No doubt this year  in books, will have something for everyone, coffee tables, memoirs, and best-selling fiction. Books always make for such a wonderful gift, take a peek of my personal faves for the year, in hopes your  literary light bulbs will trigger some great ideas.

For the best deals on all the favorites of 2011, stop into  Barnes & Noble at lincoln Park shopping center, across form NorthPark for 2 floors of Book Bliss.

The Help By Karthryn Stockett paperback $10, The Millennium Trilogy Box Set $60Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty $35,  Christian Louboutin $95

Harper’s Bazaar Greatest Hits By Glenda Baily $45, VOGUE Covers by Harmish Bowles $35 “BN.comJacqueline Kennedy : Historic Coversations on Life with JFK $35, Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson $20
The Oprah Winfrey Show : Reflections on an Amercian Legacy $35, Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres $20

2 thoughts on “SeanInTheCity | 6 Days of Christmas: A Year for Books

    • oh so true, i myself i have a nook and love it, but the coffee table book is one great thing! and perhaps like you say we may just see bigger and better ones now that ebooks are in the picture!


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