SeanInTheCity | 9 Days of Christmas: Stocking Edition, Rugby

Straight off the press, from  yesterday’s Ralph Lauren Holiday helper guide, I find it only  more helpful and perhaps even more cheerful that I  feature  Rugby Ralph Lauren for  today’s #9 days of Christmas : Stocking Edition .  The other brain child of Mr. Lauren,  located right next door to its mother store in highland park village, is the perfect stop when thinking of  the other holiday tradition , Stocking Stuffing.
THis little activity that we all take part in, is oh so fun, in fact many stuff their stockings with little trinkets just for the sheer fun and cuteness of the items that typically are low in cost. Some choose to stuff  theirs with fruit and nuts, however, sadly Rugby Ralph Lauren does not have a produce section, and given this is a fashion blog after all, you won’t be finding any nuts in our stockings.

Rugby Ralph Lauren at Highland Park Village

rugby keeping true to holiday season traditions , also have a selection of small trinkets that fit perfectly in anyone’s socking, from small leather goods to  novelty items. much like The Ralph Lauren Store, Rugby is equally stunning, one can say its Christmas at Harvard, and just the sheer visual aspect will bring out your inner  stocking stuffing ninja .

You can’t go wrong with the items featured in this Stocking stuffer edition, one suggestion  is putting together a stocking yourself and presenting it  to the lucky good guy or gal on  your list. multiple items always make for a perfect gift, QUality and Quantity   Seem to make perfect friends together, and not to mention a fool-proof idea, with these chic choices and brilliant budget prices, your multiple gift ideas, even collectively, will still be way under budget.
Happy Holiday Shopping, be sure to check out Rugby Ralph Lauren for more great items, and additional mark downs , the last days till christmas
Deck of Cards $5, Leather Flask $69
leather Wallet $69, Owl Stripe Card Case $35
Rugby Socks $15, Rugby Womens Knee socks $15
Pencil Case $39 ,Rugby Swiss Army Knife $49


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