SeanInTheCity | 12 days of Christmas: Bendel Budget Bliss

Ok, Its crunch time people!

12 days left until the most holly night of the year. If your like me and you havent even started your christmas shopping, never fear there are many ways to get around to it, without having to suffer the idea of showing up empty-handed to your friend’s or family’s Christmas events. It’s all in the store planning, and of course  without having to spend outside your christmas budget. To add, if smart enough  to tackle the idea of budget shopping, you don’t have to  surrender to Super Center madness, you know with those  clawing  and brawling shoppers, yikes! So in light of the countdown to christmas, I have decided to help my fellow readers in a last minute gift guide of shorts, in order to help everyone snag that perfect  gift  in time and on trend, with this seasons must haves.

One can always have taste when shopping on a budget, Case in Point, One idea to escape the madness of christmas shopping is to tackle the elusive high-end stores. Sure I know what your thinking, whats a person like myself  or yourself doing in a high-end store when shopping on a budget, well #1 there’s never a crowd and #2 they got amazing holiday FAB-ness under $100 !

High End stores, You know, those places that seem to intimidate everyone from going inside and taking a look, hence never having a crowd. Well, that intimidation factor can be used to your advantage, be the smart person and hit those stores 1st. Although fashion meccas these stores are,  they all have  oh so fab holiday merchandise that is enough to tickle anyones fancy.

Henri Bendel, whats christmas without a little Bendel’s. The NorthPark Center location, is booming with gift ideas, from totes, toys , to treats , and mini marvels for everyone on your list.

I strolled in this past weekend to take a peek, Megan the most helpful Bendel Girl, filled me  in on all the hot items. Bendel Charm necklaces will for sure make any bendel girl cheerful. However the gifts I was looking for are  more office based, I stated to my Bendel Girl of the moment, and of course her attention was turned to the candle wall, as well as the Desk Dairies that could make anyone a social butterfly just to have something write in it. Best Part of all these gift ideas,  all under $100. In fact Megan was so kind in giving me a gift of my very own, a step by step Henri Bendel Gift Guide Booklet of all items $150 or less. The perfect Stocking Stuffer handbook you can say.

Herni Bendel  NorthPark Center is a must visit if your pressed for time, don’t fall victim to the idea  that there  isn’t any good stuff left, Bendel’s is loaded with goodies,  they even have a giant Bendles Peanut Butter Cup, “I mean come on, that’s awesome”. So stop in and ask for Megan to fill you in, possibilby fill your  brown and white striped stockings.

Here are my Picks for any Bendel Girl and occasional Bendel Boy.

“2010/11 limtied Ed.”  Bendel Hatbox Snow Globe $48,     Plush Bendel Girls $58 each

Desk Dairy 2012 $98,   Bendel Striped Oreos $15

Lux Bendel Candel $15,        iPhone 4 Izak Cover $58


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