H&M launches Literary Film Line, Dragon Tattoo | The Collection

Trish Summerville for H&M Dragon Tattoo

Two swedish power houses team up, to make movie magic. So Much talk of the upcoming film The Girl With Dragon Tattoo, based on the first installment of the phenomenal Millennium Trilogy by the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson. From Oscar Buzz, to fashionista buzz, seems no one is stopping the success of this Literary Lion from going full throttle to now becoming the next Cult Classic, and the most anticipated film  trilogy .

The Film moment of the year is closing in fast, 12/21 the American Film adaptation ,The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, will make its way into movie history. Whats even more talked about is the new Femme fatal, Lisbeth Salander, main character in the crime trilogy and, a new fashion icon of the film. Vogue Magazine was already one step ahead of us with its November issue featuring  actress in the role, Rooney Mara, in a stunning Ralph Lauren dress with an embroidered dragon none the less.

Trish Summerville for H&M | Dragon Tattoo Collection

Trish Summerville, costume designer of the film has given way to yet another trend that is completely fueled by  pop culture and an extraordinary international cult following. Bringing this mind blow of a story and character to life in the streets of everywhere. So it comes as no surprise that the other Swedish power house H&M would be just the retailer to  us as its launch pad, yet another crazed fashion line from H&M waiting  to be ravaged by shoppers, “that’s a good thing i might add”

H&M on December 14th in collaboration with costume designer Trish Summerville, who worked  on the film, will debut its Dragon Tattoo Line. A full collection completely inspired by the new  super hero of the street. Black destroyed tops,  coiled spiked earings, and boots that could make even the sweetest of hearts lust over.

Combining the  books icon with street chic attitude, the collection is a tad hard from what we are used to seeing at H&M. The retailer have always prided itself with the idea that there is something for everyone at H&M,  and now with Dragon tattoo’s edge the idea is personified. There is no doubt, that this supposed soft launch ,”as  if there is  a such thing for the retailer”, will be a success. We just got over the labyrinth of a collection that was Iconic by Versace, just to plunge head 1st into dragon tattoo.

Rachel Colins

The trend  is starting to surface already, film enthusiast Rachel Collins is already taken on the look,  and yes  she even has the dragon tattoo. My inbox was flooded by questions of the collection’s due date, and if NorhtPark center will carry  the line, all signs point to yes, however an H&M insider let me in on  the fact that only  three pieces of the collection will be at NorthPark. It is a Capsule Collection after all, but im hopeful the demand will boost a sequel to the collection, here’s hoping.

The film, as well as the look, seems to be having a well deserved moment. Hard edge, “almost” Goth Chic is clearly making a comeback. It’s a spotlight that seems is going to have more than just one day, given the demand for the other two films are already in extreme demand.

As for the books, well rumors are swirling over a fourth unpublished manuscript of the late author, maybe we will also see the collections extension for H&M.

Among all the team Jacob and team Edward madness, clearly we all overlooked this book turned film, and knowing H&M paired with Summerville, there’s alot more to expect than just mere t-shirts. Happy shopping to everyone.



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