Styling Life| Love is the New Denim


As the pies rolled out as fast as they rolled in, Thanksgiving 2011 was sure to be a good one. I deiced to pay a visit to my family in south Texas for the year. My overly in sane football bubbas that I call cousins were at it again. However no football, for another program was to be watched in the family room. A Very Gaga Thanksgiving Aired on the night of Thanks. A Special directed and produced by Gaga, left a mighty impression to many viewers, including my family.

The Special, A 90 minute intimate concert, at Ms. Gaga’s Elementary School, the Convent of the Scared Heart In New York, followed by a in depth interview with Katie Couric. Needless to say, this woman never comes short of shocking, and the thoughts of “what else is there to learn or see” were crossing my mind, but with Gaga its always a fun show and in this case heart felt.

So as the family started packing up the remnants of a holiday Feast, I snuggled in and Watched, little did I know that Our Lady of Gaga, would yet again give her lil’ monsters more than a peek into her personal world, and do so with such grace.

Starting in with the show, with a musical number by yet another legend, Tony Bennett, the stage was set in an opulent catholic banquette room that for the night became the church of our Lady Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Among the usual spectacle that gaga is, each musical number, in fact all eight of them, were introduced, interrupted, and intertwined with deep and personal comments.   No were else was her lasting and ever growing legacy more prominent, than in her performance of Hair, and her stance on Anti Bullying.

I will have to say, the quality of life that is beyond the over the top facade that the Lady herself created, is a whirlwind of sharing family values, and an amazingly stable up bringing, this was confirmed when The Edge of Glory was introduced.  I cant help but compare, as we all do with celebrities, the strong values and strong secure upbringing   to my very own family, whose hustle and bustle of packing Thanksgiving dinner up, was now halted in captivations by the wonderment of this woman.

I recall my father and Aunt Elsa, being taken to tears when Gaga spoke of the true ‘definition of Wealth, being the opening of her father’s restaurant simply named Joanne’s, tearing up and tugging on her heart, Gaga simply says “that is wealth”, for the ability to be the backbone of her family, and fulfill a long time dream for her father, was hard work paid off and the true dream come true.

A very GAGA Holiday, a sepical Holiday Album by our lady gaga

As larger than life as she has become, not only her ability to take center stage and control a crowd with the power of her voice, but most honorably and possibly her greatest talent seems to be the Passion to use the Platform of fame to send a message of love and understanding to all who have been victimized, who were born different, or even those who simply have a dream.  Its as if, Gaga herself struggled through the madness of fame, in order to reach her ultimate goal in sharing Love and Validation to all.

This special was also the launch pad for “Marry The Night” the newest signal from the iconic album Born This Way. Gaga stated in the interview with Couric, that this was in fact her favorite song to her most personal album yet. It is the poetic description of her commitment to her work, The work in which lead her to this night., a night that was a gift to all of us who watched and felt the energy of a woman who in a short time has become a living legend.

Marry The Night, VEVO, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving ABC


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