ObsesSEAN | Reflections on Oprah, An Iconic Book Released


It’s hard to believe it’s already been half a year since the Oprah Show completed its 25 year run. Our Master communicator, however , has been in the spot light more than ever. The OWN network and the new show ,Oprah’s Lifeclass, doesn’t fall short of helping us  in our  Oprah withdrawals. To be Honest as much as  Ms. Winfrey has been in the news it feels as if she never left. But that doesn’t stop us from missing that Iconic Talk Show. Although Oprah is everywhere, that time slot of the Oprah Show still has some getting used to knowing it now belongs to Anderson Cooper.  So as Oprah Fans World wide would agree with me in, even though Oprah is bigger than life now, the Show itself is missed dearly. Well, Oprah Show fans have an early Christmas Gift to get us by, not to mention it has this fan  completely obsessed.

The Oprah Winfrey Show : Reflections On An American Legacy, released last week, just in time for holiday shopping, is a retrospect on just how the title reads, a legacy. If your like me and miss the show dearly,  this book will have you totally fixated.  I have yet to purchase the book  in fact, it  did make an appearance on  The SeanInTheCity Christmas List, so im waiting to see if I’ve been extra good this year to have santa deliver it. But it hasn’t stopped be from going to Barnes & Noble and Sitting down reading word for word, they  would have to come up with a whole new word for me, Lottering doesn’t begin to describe the Obsession I  have for this book.

A foreward from Oprah’s Mentor Maya Angelou, is the perfect way  to introduce an amazing collection of essays from  A-List contributors, and of course the pictorial chronicle of show that is missed dearly. This Book, The Oprah Winfrey Show : Reflections On An American Legacy, is a must have for any Oprah fan.



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