Versace Protocol Pt 2: Iconic Collection launched in NYC

H & M Hennes & MauritzVERSACE FOR H&M SS2012 NEW YORK 11/08/2012

My  inbox is flooded with the scene of Last night’s  event, which launched the Iconic collection by Versace for H&M. Of course this is nothing new, DFW really has been beyond buzzing due to our selection of the few cities who will play host to the collaboration . This is by far H&M largest paring, and the 500 guest in attendance saw the entire collection  in true  excessive glam, only worthy of the Versace Name, kind of  fashion show, which only adds the realtiy that its FINALLY HERE!

This is by far causing such a  craze here in DFW. After all we did juts get our H&M, and on more a mere week ago, and not to mention 2 more coming. Knowing that the 1st official collaboration for the retailer that we get to experience here in DFW, is in fact one of the most over the top H&M has had is an event that will for sure trump the opening.

November 17th, seems to be the date that is now being cemented as the official launch date. There had been much confusion over that number, but its clear now, November 17th. The rules  of shopping the collection,which are on the retailer’s web site clikc on “HOW TO SHOP”, are due to water down the madness, but needless to say us fashionista in DFW are in it to win it.

Theres one plus however, the rules need only to apply to the women’s collection, which is a fab thing for the girls seeming it will be regulated in sales and everyone gets something, on the boy side of things chances of me snatching that Jungle Print knit and t-shirt are starting to look pretty slim. but, i always say GOD made me a planner for a reason, for my  own  protocol is starting to take more shape.

Come November 17th,  at NorthPark Center bright and early, for this die-hard Versace fan  is determined not to leave empty-handed, however i may even shop the women’s collection just for the sheer fun-ness that comes with any H&M launch or event,  and  last night’s Presentation of the collection is only adding to the anticipation. see everyone soon at NorthPark Center.

H&M Hennes & Mauritz
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