H&M Versace Protocol

Versace for H&M

Hot off my assignment, covering  last week’s opening of H&M at the Shops at Willow Bend ( Read all about at DFW STYLE DAILY ) , my H&M  craze might just last till 2012, given that this coming year Galleria Dallas will also be home for the Swedish Retailer.  Although an H&M  Basic t-shirt kind of guy , I am very much excited about the upcoming, and need I say most anticipated collaboration, Versace For H&M. This  pairing has been the talk of the summer, and just in time, for our H&M opened that very summer  the retailer announced the  launch of Iconic by Versace.

NorthPark Center graced us with their opening back in August welcoming 3,500 people to the historic shopping center. So it comes as no surprise that Dallas NorthPark Center will also be among the few selected to carry the Versace Iconic collection.

This is all very exciting news for myself, given I have been a devoted Versace Follower, since the days of Linda Evangelista in those  equally famous Ghotti Ads. However there seems to be a bubble buster which is fueling much buzz in DFW, other than the launch date which has been November 11th, 14th, and  so it seems now the 17th,  fashion and dates seem to never mix. However the lauch date is the last thing on my mind, for what I read of the protocol

Shoppers will be given a color coded bracelet , which will indicate  a spot in line, that spot will also indicate a group of shoppers who are allowed to enter  H&M, In order to shop the collection, but wait there’s more, your shopping experience  also has one more regulation. Each shopper will be given a specific time when to enter the store, as well as a “time limit” to shop, AND…. a product Minimum and Maximum (no more, no less)  requirement for shopping the collection .

Sound intense, maybe just a tad, however this does make for a great shopping rush, and in true H&M style everything is done BIG BIG BIG. Not to mention, this does add to the allure of exclusivity ,  winning special offers and such, as H&M has come to be known for.

Versace for H&M

The Shopping protocol may seem to be a tad over done, but in all respect its genius, clearly H&M  all ready know the magnitude of their collaboration, unlike Target for Missioni madness that became just flat-out barbaric.

Best of luck to all of your shopping, im sure I will see everyone waiting with their colored bracelets, and a small F.Y.I the date has changed again, to November 19th. maybe its a way to cause confusion, keep in mind the 3.000 people who showed up for NorthPark Center’s opening, and the additional collaboration coming to H&M  also this november, featuring  looks from the upcoming film, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will  add much more crazy to the mix . Madness, Madness at H&M, but what would H&M be with out some crazy fab fun. for more visit H&M’s home page and CLICK how to shop


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