ObsesSEAN | Steven & Chris

CBC - Steven and Chris

So excited about this international (you can say) Obsession I have discovered. Since August, accidentally while channel surfing, I ran into a show that I can’t get enough of.

Needless to say the talk show genre in general is passed the point of obsession in my life, and has  become a total and uncontrolled addiction. The down side to these shows or, at least my kind of show, they usually air in the day time From The View, to NATE, and of course my lovely RACHAEL RAY. Given that my other queen of talkOPRAH left , I figured I would have time during the day to catch up on things, untill ANDERSON took the rein in the slot, and I have to say ANDERSON is rocking  his new Show.

That usual daytime  slots doesn’t really  work for someone who’s down time is usually in the 1am-3am window. Waking up in the grey areas after only three hours of sleep, makes for a Zombie viewer, DVRs are really not used in my world, given I like to hear the talk as it happens, trying to keep up with Hot Topics between Whoopi and Joy is more mind power than i would like to have at the crack of dawn but like I say im Obsessed.

Until I found Steven and Chris, which in my mind is Nate Berkus, Dr. Laura Berman, Dr. Oz, and Rachel Ray all crammed into one show. the show named after Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman, two beyond fab interior decorators in Toronto that make for  over the top Fab TV. Both men were most known for their former Show(s), yes plural, most notable for the show Designer Guys, both Steven and Chris  were featured on five different CBC shows altogether.

In 2008, CBC premiered The Steven and Chris Show in our northern neighbor. Aside from their Fame, these two guys who I can say “I hope to be one day” (just for the sheer fabness of them) are Interior decorators who founded the Sabados Group, a firm in all things HOME. From furniture lines, to books,  they seem to be the Masters of everything. Much like the Branding craze we are seeing here in the States, like Rachel Ray, Oprah, and the other love of my life Nate Berkus, the Branding way of talk shows is a fierce global phenomenon. Steven and Chris’ show however, doesn’t just deal with interior decorating,  their tips range from fashion, fitness, and the occasional Sex Chat.

Like I said, daytime talk shows are more than just an obsession they are my addiction, but what makes Steven and Chris among my Favorites shows, is that its in Syndication  in the U.S (obviously) however what makes it my obsession is that it  shows  at 1am in our neck of the woods. I feel I struck gold with this show, you can say its my late night fix.

As of this Fall, The Steven and Chris show is found on the LiveWell Network, one of those point something channels, you know,what people like to call, “Those in between channels”.LiveWell is  the little  sister of ABC/WFAA, check you service providers ASAP, its to Fab to go unwatched. In fact, Steven and Chris has become such an obsession it even has distracted me from BRAVO and OWN. This power GAY duo is without a doubt a show that is begging to be in the STATES. Oddly enough the majority of the contributors for the show are American, so maybe just maybe, the CBC will allow ABC to take over.

These two guys, are probably  the  men of my life, more than just the “Mr.Right Nows”,and here I thought my heart was all for Nate Berkus, well oops, I seem to be cheating with Steven and Chris.  It’s all truly Beyond fabulous, check you local listings and see first hand what I’m totally obsessed with. However just a Quick note,  i feel i have to mention I still Love NATE!


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