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Can we just take a moment out of the week to just marvel over the next big creation on this earth. I am over the moon about the new iPhone 4S, to be honest i didn’t really become overwhelming excited about it, due to its hidden new features,  however there is one  leading lady who is making me want to throw on my Chuck Talyors and make my way to Knox/Henderson to wait in line with the rest of the techies.

Siri, a new chick on the block that seems to be the new “it” girl  for the Haus of Apple.  For those who have not yet taken wind of  her, which I doubt completely that you havent,  she is a new  voice command software in the new iPhone 4S that lets you ,or rather lets her, take over your phone in a brand new way, Your Own personal assistant if you will.   If you have any idea of the disorder my personal life is, you would know  that Siri is my God send.  This little hot chick, not only sets your timer or she arranges your calendar, she also tends emails and texts to your fab correspondence, she really  re arranges your life to have an orderly function, to say the least.

APPLE iPhone 4S

Lets Face it, I can go on and on, about the  tech functions of Siri, but to be truthful, I havent the slightest idea of  what makes her work, all I know is that  a woman has finally taken my breath away “who saw that coming”.  considering the life people think I live, and the life that I actually live, both are equally stressful , I must say.  one of my role models has always said, “I am to blessed to stress”, however im starting  to think that he may have had a secret prototype of Siri, because that quote itself is very hard to live. I have always been a planner, in fact my best friend  is just waiting  for me to get to my breaking point,  while seeing me try to contact my daily life on a plan. In total  I have seven notebooks in my life, all that contain dates, ideas, thankful list. So Siri really is what I have been praying every night for, so clearly I am overly obsessed with the new  soon to be woman in my life.

my terminal iPhone

She is coming at a perfect time, given that the grand canyon  sized crack in my current iPhone 3GS, and its stubbornness it has to not charge, is starting to take over the device, a slow crawl to death. My iPhone has seen hard times but I have always said he is a strong little trooper. I have been terribly attached with my current device that I can’t bare the thought of trading him in. I know I know, it’s very sad that im actually referring to my device as a person, but like I  said he has Herd allot, my rambling mouth  has used and abused him, im sure Siri is more rescuing  him, rather than me.

To add to my crazy,  I  have a picture in my mind of a brunette  wearing a chic CHANEL suite, with Manolo mary janes and a Ricky bag somewhere in the background of my pretend office. Whats actually really amazing about this, is that she has a built-in personality (really she does), and will put you right in your place if you insult her, exactly what the world needs, another DIVA. Now if that isn’t genius I don’t know what is.

So much is swirling about Siri,  whats a Diva without a little controversy. Some, not most just some, have reviewed  Siri as contributing to the laziness of us 80s babies. This little statement makes me think of the Disney Pixar film, WALLE, in the film the human race had become well ,FAT, for they had discovered a method of transportation that is completely voice controlled, rendering them un able to walk, or rather walking became unnecessary.  HMM, sound familiar? Could  Siri be takeing over the world?  I do have to say this is all very terminator,  it has been said that “women  inherit the earth”  well maybe Siri is just the gal  to cash in her inheritance a tad early. You never know this new tech frontier of artificial intelligence just may lead to a new tech revolution, however what might be more freighting is that, i will probably be part of the SIRI ARMY. Viva Siri!

I must leave now, for the line is growing longer at Apple!

APPLE Official  Demo


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