NOH8 is finally here!

DFW is buzzing,  about this weekend’s open photo shoot for the NOH8 campaign. ever since  I took wind of the campaign a long while ago, I had been dying to make my Photo Opp of a contribution to one of the most Iconic causes of our time.

NOH8 has featured many  Pop Icons of the moment, in celebrating the end of Hate in our world. The campaign and its efforts, unlike many other philanthropic organizations in our life, NOH8 has become a larger than life love trend, a global phenomenon ,  that falls among the greatest Styles of our Life.

NOH8 Campaign | Adam Bouska

Since its creation In 2008, originally aimed at  Prop 8., as a protest by its creator Adam Bouska,  its seems that NOH8 has taken on more of a persona in any Hate related cause from bullying, to the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS, among many others,  With No doubt, Hate has become such a horrible thing in today’s social media driven world, organizations such as NOH8 has taken the stance against the evil of our world. Not only is NOH8  talking, it has literally putting a Face on the  cause. Faces of  everyday ordinary people, to the people who we know as celebrity, All walks of life, race  and religion are  unified together in make a “picture perfect” World of NOH8.

So join me among many of DFW’s most notable, and by notable , I mean the everyday people like you and me  who will step out against  hate, and celebrate a world with only love, and that is for sure worthy of taking note of!

The NOH8 Open Photo Shoot, wear white, getting to pose and send a mighty message to the world, that NOH8 is never welcome! For Event info Visit the  NOH8 Campaign Site  and make sure to  RSVP on Facebook , see everyone there!



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