A Haute Hallows-Eve

So excited, so excited, i have waited  all summer long, to finally   put down  tips   to  score all those treats this season. It goes without saying that Halloween is  one of my favorite holidays, come  on it’s a chance to dress like a Disney princess and actually be rewarded for it.  2011 has been one crazy  year in fashion,  all the craziness can only lead to one thing ,a crazier Halloween.
This week I had a chance to chat with  Stephanie, a Buffalo Exchange associate turned Halloween consultant for the  consignment retailer. My excitement reached a breaking point given that her new-found title is , Halloween Costume Consultant, her excitement was almost as ridiculous as my own. Much like fashion, Halloween does have their trends, so as Stephanie and I started our talk  on All Hallows Eve, my first question was of course what trends are to be expected for this Year.

Lady Gaga and Rick Genest

Right off the bat, the obvious name was prompted, of course Lady Gaga would be at the top of the food chain. Yes, I know  “Le Gaga” has been a tad over done, but this year gave way to a whole new album, which means a whole new batch of reinventions. The Born This Way video not only launched the iconic album, it also introduced the world to Rick Genest ,a tattooed work of art, to say the least. Gaga duplicated his look with a mighty fine Mugler suit with the now infamous Power Pink Pony, a new fresh look at  Gaga, not to mention perfectly fitting  into the season. However I really am looking forward to see if any one will be strolling around this haunting night in an egg, but im sure that egg wont be found at local consignment shops, or could it? The next big  look Stephanie explained that is sure going to be taking the Halloween Block Party by storm, is  MADMEN looks of the 60s, hell that  look has been so in right now, Banana Republic even  dedicated an entire line to  60s nostalgia.  Along with this vintage paring,  The fall Tv line up also includes new shows LikePanAm and the  now cancelled Playboy Club,  that all have their  fun circa 1963.
 Buffalo Exchange , is a melting pot for fun fashion finds. Anyone, with no effort needed could forsure score a look straight out of PanAm air ways, and chances are your choice may not be so costume forward, as more fashion forward. However  when Stephanie mentioned MADMEN  to me, I did confuse it with WATCHMEN, and began to express my excitement that superheros may be on the  Halloween trend board, but Stephanie was clearly staring at me with a blank stare, it was a clear, NO! I may just have to retire my Batman alter ego this year.
With all this said, Halloween is truly a fun  night out  that we get to spend with the rest of the freaks  of the world,oh what am I saying, im usually a freak all year round.  However, I do have a major ek factor that coincides with this holiday,  which is the dreaded drug store, rubber smelling, acetate costumes (EK with a pinch of YUK), Those mass-produced concoctions are maybe as frightening as Halloween night. This may come  as a shock to most, given that the usual  costumes found at the discount places are what you call “a bargain” well don’t be fooled my friends, it’s probably a unnecessary expense your about to make, and given  the fright fest of an economy we have on our hands, people may just be thinking a little wiser this year about costumes. Creative costuming just so happens to be a big plus, like the night itself im equally excited to see  those who managed to through  outfits together that may seem  costume but looks more couture.
While chatting up a storm with Stephanie she was  compelled to mention a new pair of Alexander Wang chunky green platforms that had just arrived,  her suggestion of pairing them with a green cocktail dress perhaps, with black fish nets could make for a chic Bride of Frankenstein,   a look I didn’t see coming, but for sure dying to see. Even a pair of Pucci  Gypsy sandals will make way for  Chicness ” Ah La Esmerelda”. My eyes directed to the festive visuals  in the store, a Diane Von Furstenberg white  dress, belted down with an almost ghostly white belt, made for a Post Mortem lady, be felt very Post Modern fashion Gal.
Never the less, don’t let Halloween trap you in anti-fashion costumes, celebrate fashion in custom costume styling for the night, Thats the “Trick”, The night will for sure be a  fab night, knowing you could reuse  your look for dinner party later is without a doubt  a “Treat”!
The possibilities are endless, but if you’re a last-minute type of girl,  Buffalo Exchange will be a hosting a chic  in store Halloween Ball, on October 23, just in time to snag a last-minute find for the  evening, Join  Buffalo’s Costume Style Consultant ,Stephanie  as the night unfolds with all things Halloween, I cant wait to see  everyone’s style creations this year!

Stephanie and I, October 23 in store event,

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