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Patchwork Newsboy Cap -Rugby Ralph Lauren

my elation over fall is a tad redundant, but I am so excited, pumpkins are now present at every supermarket, and the air is starting to feel like it’s about to give way to a fall crisp breeze. Along with my Fall obsession, I’m also having a major Rugby Ralph Lauren moment. The Tweed Run, a bike ride around NYC coming later in october, will have my Rugby moment lasting all the way through christmas. Rugby, as well is pairing the event with a collection of the same name, that is inspired by true british nostalgia and tweed fabricating every inch of the moment. Tweed, is clearly the obsession of Mr. Lauren for Rugby, and one particular accessories of the Tweed Run moment is screaming SeanintheCity | DFW.

TIMEThe Newsboy patchwork hat, is my absolute must for this fall. I do fancy myself a Newsboy around town, and this cute little exaggeration of my personality, is no doubt my new it item. Mr. Lauren and his Great Gatsby euphoria is full circle for him, considering he did the costumes in the film. The Hat was popularized by two oh so different worlds, the broke newsboys yelling “EXTRA EXTRA” in the city streets of old, in order to score a penny or two, at the same time the iconic hat was being worn by the wealthy Gentlemen who had more than just a penny. One can say my little obsession is the best of both worlds.

SO, be sure to look for me around town, I’ll make sure to sell you a paper, OK OK, maybe ill just send you a tweet instead, but ill sure yell, EXTRA EXTRA, just for the fun of it.

Rugby Ralph Lauren


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