Obsession | 500 by Gucci

Fiat 500 by Gucci

“E meglio aver poco che niente”

  Truth be told, “its better to have a little, than nothing at all”,  which is the English translation to the quote above, about our soon to be Italian lover. This year, “we the people”, have gone through our share of automotive drama, the American car, as classic as they maybe to most,  there’s always something so majestic  and romantic about a foreign love affair, which at times is equally dramatic.

The Micro car trend, has exploded in the USA, from the Brit rebel, Mini Cooper, and the adorable and chic Parisian Smart, and now  the Italian way of life is seducing us into a whole new lifestyle, which may in fact just lead  us to Rome.

Forget Ferrari, Maserati, and the hot-tempered Lamborghini , oh, and of  course the respected Godfather known as Bugatti.  As of now the world has their eyes on one small, but sexy Italian, who seems to have a sweet heart rather than  usual muscle. The land scape of Juice Head Italians cars, may in fact be changing.

   FIAT 500 by Gucci    Fiat,  has made such a big splash in America. The Italian Car brand, which turns out to be the younger brother  of those power-driven  juice heads, has captured world-wide interest. TheCosa Nostra of Italian cars,  has a new contender. This classic car has been given a make over, and brought to America, which there isn’t really anything new about that part, but now there’s a whole new model.

As if last years Boat Endorsement wasn’t enough, Frida Giannini, Creative Director ofGUCCI,  has chosen to fully endorse the 500 Fiat. Turing this ultra mini, ultra chic car into a tiny world of luxury.  Turns out the inspiration came from non other than Rome itself. Like they say, all roads lead to Rome, and this case they really do.

This isn’t a new thing in fashion,  In all actuality the luxury car industry is much like Fashion in more ways than one, after all  Armani Prive seems to have the same prices has a Maserati. Versace showed their alliance with the Lamborghini family few years back, however this idea, that such a small car has been given such an ultra Luxurious update has people just turning in their Lambos, waiting to trade for a 500 BY GUCCI.

Although the Gucci name is now stamped on this sweet heart, don’t let all this italian talk fool you, 500 BY GUCCI starts at €16,000 Euro which is $20,000 US.

Fiat 500 by Gucci

Pre-orders have all ready started in Europe, and soon “hopefully” in the U.S.,  This fall  will  certainly  be the time, when all roads will be paved in Gucci Gorgeous lines. Pre-Ordering was  only April- June 2011, however I doubt that its closed for this CHIC little one!

Fiat by Gucci

One more thing to add to this Grand Lux mini, In Celebration of the 90th anniversary of Gucci, exclusive boutiques will carry a collection that will also be a part of this partnership, the collection simply called 500. The handbag anniversary as well as the fiat both launched in the early 20’s  many of the same dates of some of the most iconic items of both brands are shared,  that makes this pair fit perfectly together. Whether your into the Luxury of it all, or the true heritage of the Gucci brand and fiat, this car is  stating one thing, the celebration of luxury itself.

No matter how one fashions their life, we are all entitled to a “little” luxury every once in a while, 500 BY GUCCI seems to be just the right amount, or rather size. One must never shy away from luxury, especially Luxury A La Gucci, after all  “E meglio aver poco che niente”

 “500 by Gucci, was unveiled to the US market during Fashion’s Night Out 9/8/11 in NYC, excited yet?”

Gucci’s cover girl J.LO, lends her Face to Fiat in the fall 2011 US campaign

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