A New Dawn

Dawn Maynor | Founder of WM Boutique

I had the extraordinary  meeting with an old friend,  actually an old Boss of mine from a job that seemed as  if a decade had pasted since I had worked under her. Dawn Maynor,  my former District manager at Abercrombie & Fitch, had made contact with me in the past week or so,  emails and Facebook posts filled with fab past memories, and a moose named Joey. Through  a tangle of emails, I couldn’t help but notice the new ventures and path changes that both of us had found our selves on, a cup of coffee was in order!  So it was decided,  Nordstrom eBar it was. What started as a simple catch up between old friends, ended  with  -AHA-Moments,   and the lessons learned from hard  times, and a new Women’s Wear Online Boutique that is about to Hit DFW by storm. One can say its  the Dawn of a new day, for anyone who has ever been dealt a tough card in life, or  for someone  who simply just craves change. This conversation is sure to go down as one of the  first “most” memorable, for  SeanInTheCity | DFW.

For 10 years, Dawn worked through the thumpa-thumpa of Abercrombie & Fitch, her clear success was apparent,  for the  now international brand. Dawn landed a District Manger position  that left her in charge of the most profitable stores in  the DFW Area, including its new concept Flagship Store at NorthPark Center, which opened in 2006, Which is when our paths crossed, I was brought in to help the store’s current stylist in all things visual.

WM Boutique

Flash forward to this past year,  I had left A&F in early 2009, but it didn’t stop me from dropping in from time to time. Word had spread through the A&F family that Dawn was no longer with the company, as well as the news of the loss of a family member. I had to reach out to her, and at the time our Facebook connection had yet to be made. As I searched around for her to pop up between mutual friend lists,  a pair of Lions jumped right out at me,  the image and name of Dawn’s new venture in life was clear everywhere I clicked!  Dawn, clearly had endured hardship, and that endurance had led her to new path in her life, those Lions are the product of a new woman, who has become a symbol of  strength, resilience, and the reassurance of passion and purpose!

WM Boutique

As we sat down for coffee,  her look was one of inner glow and energy enriched of positivity, teaching Yoga clearly had centered the energy of her life, and then the conversation immediately started with talk of our Gratitude Journals, and of the new store.

WM Boutique, which will launch  early this November, just in time for the holidays, is a  women’s wear boutique on the fore front of a new wave trend in business. This boutique
is not like the many that surround our DFW metro, because   this new boutique
has only one kind of address which ends in (.COM).

It is clear that the way one does business in this new day  is as fast as the click of button. I couldn’t help but relate to this, Blogs  are seeming to replace how we get our news on a momentary basis. Today people get their news as it happens. This kind of speed way of doing things, fits in with fashion perfectly.

Fashion  has always been a fuel based industry, and now with  online blogs, and fashion twitter pages, are all giving way to a new Net Revolution. It really doesn’t come as no surprise that the new big wave now, is online shopping x100.

WM Boutique, will provide cost efficient Product lines, and 1 on 1, step by step styling tips by Dawn herself. The passion for fashion, and how to convey how to use fashion with Blogs and pairing them  with a CHIC inventory is what this new fashion stage is all about. It is a virtual environment that allows shoppers to step into the world of fashion according to Dawn.

The talk over coffee continued on, the reasoning behind the online store, was starting to become more and more apparent. We all crave change and new  career opportunities, Dawn expressed that for a  while, the idea for the online shop had been a long-awaited dream. We also shared talk about our leading lady of talk Oprah. I was starting to recognized the whispers Dawn had experienced in her life. I have had whispers as well and experiences in my own life that were hard to deal with, but experiences that have led me this very day. During her time at A&F she  experienced the loss of a beloved family member, an unexpected  loss, for all of us these moments in life are among or in fact , the worst moments.

The healing process would soon start, it was time to allow “TIME” to kick in. During these moments Dawn created what she explained to me as a Dream Board, a visual and tangible representation of goals achieved and goals awaiting to be achieved in  her life. A board filled with the past and the future, leaving Dawn to meet in the middle of this dream board in the present. She then used this board as a healing tool, to see all that has been in her life and all that will be, by contacting herself in between. And Thus a new Job venture fueled with passion and purpose arose from the ashes of a moment that was now in the past, and the healing took over.

The  feeling of her energy while she explained this to me, was overwhelming, it was almost as if I could feel the energy being resonated from her as a physical presence.   Oprah once said, “it is fascinating what the human species can endure, and then become”. To me Dawn is a  person who has done just that, endured and then became, she became a strong being in this world, with her overwhelming charity contributions, she has been reminded of her divinity, and filled that divinity with purpose and passion. It is comes as no  surprise that WM Boutique has  the demand it has prior to its launch. This new store format along with its founder , have given this  Boutique an unbreakable foundation.

Life troughs us whispers, it is up to us to listen and take notice, I myself had an experience much like Dawn’s, it awakened my Passion with a new Purpose, that purpose is to reach as many people with a positive message using my passion for words. That experience was a New Dawn for me,  and I was beyond thrilled to share this experience with someone who I called a boss, and now close friend. It’s a new Dawn for DFW fashion now that Dawn herself is leaving her mark. I’m sure everyone will be counting down the days, along with myself, till the launch of WM Boutique.

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