Obsession | Tricky Witchy

Christian Louboutin Puck, $2,295

To me one of the greatest months is October, the  introductory month to the holiday season, it has the magical allure of spooky hallow, jack-o-lanterns, falling leaves, and those  almost creepy chilled breezes blowing from every angle.   October, is also the month I tend to break out one of my favorite Movies “witch” I tend to watch over and over till O-Hallows-Eve.

Hocus Pocus, in my opinion the funnest  Halloween movie ever ! Whats not to like? Bette Midler, and a pre-Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, It being early September only means that the time is nearing to break out my fab flick, and prepare for my favorite season to fall upon my little world.

Walt Disney, Hocus Pocus

With all this excitement about fall, you can only imagine how I felt when I saw these beyond fabulous Loubuitains taking the shape  of my ideal  fall look of a whimsical Witchy Woman, I do admit they may be a little  tricky to Wear, but i’m sure with one slip inside this sinister Pair, their magic  will take over, and who knows, you may cast a spell or two, just for fun.

The Christian Louboutin Puck Plats, are in my spell book, a must  have this fall, incase you’re in the mood for some tricky charms,  im sure they will be a perfect fit. The Louboutin Puck is without a doubt my obsession, and  might I add, it’s the perfect way to set the Mood  for a much-anticipated Fall.

But becareful ladies, don’t sign your Soles, they  may put a spell on you too! 

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Look Book,


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