Welcome H&M Dallas

“Not that anyone didn’t know, the explosion that was going be H&M Dallas”, the famous retailer is now open for business at the historic Northpark Center.  The turn out, much like the long wait we endured for this day, was  overwhelming.

The night prior, H&M Dallas hosted an exclusive V.I.P. Launch party, even notable public figures of our town were as excited as the rest of us. Morning of opening day, Northpark Center. truly became a mad house, a line that  wrapped its self around Northpark was a total mind blow, seems every fashionistas from everywhere and of course every WEAR was at Northpark helping in the long-awaited countdown!

During the Past year, Dallas has had a bit of a tease going on with H&M.  Well, it’s very pleasing and not to mention exhilarating to finally see the Famed Doors open.

The Swedish retailer, H&M, has come to be loved by millions worldwide. Their mix of high-end items at low prices makes for anything goes fashion, which is clear of their very fashionable staff.  The image of the Cross Shopper has always made for interesting fashion and H&M is just that, a retailer as mixed and diverse as the cities they choose to do business in, lucky for them Dallas (and lucky for us) is a anything goes kind of town, its been said Dallas is the pit stop for those on the way to the east or west coasts.

  The celebrated Brand, Not only embraces cross shopping, they invite it. Such notable designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Alber Elbaz of Lavin, and now the mistress of style herself, Donatella Versace, is seaming her way into a world of affordable chic right here in big -D-. The Versace Iconic Capsule collection will be in  select H&M stores, that have the right customers for the collection, so it comes as no surprise that Dallas’ New Store was chosen.

Dallas, with its new rejuvenated shot to fame, given all the TV notoriety, is   now leading the way in the retail world, Fashion’s Night Out coming up, will in no doubt be a major hit (again).

DFW Style Daily's Lisa Petty, along with myself taken in all H&M has to offer

Our city, has been home to many name brands, and stores, It maybe Neiman Marcus territory, however Braneys New York has also made a large impression on our city. Now with H&M launching, it is no Question that Dallas is now not just retail heaven, it is Solidified Fashion Capital. Who knows, now with Stella McCartney coming soon to Highland Park VillageH&M  now at   Northpark Center., and now that word is spreading fast thatPreston Center is due for expansion, what can this ever-growing city see next, A TOP SHOP perhaps, DIOR, all this excess in all markets, low-end, mid, and high, has Dallas feeling pretty good about keeping it cool, and real, in fact word is Houston is starting to become uneasy with our fast changing landscape, Do I hear fighting words in the air?

So, welcome H&M Dallas, given it’s the eve of Tax Free Weekend, I may have to wait till Monday to drop a lute at H&M, already have some key fall looks ready to purchase. hope to see everyone there!

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