Freedom 90: A Revival

As much as we all seem to being hating the fact that we just may have yet another trend on our hands, that deals with moments from the past. Mad Men looks of the 60’s, had all of us “80’s Babies” blind sided from the era which we all seem to be dying to bring back, well I do use “WE” loosely. I do know one Editor-in-CHIC, who dreads the return of tiny jewelry, her reaction to this and I quote, “EEK!”

But, not to fear, one of the great things about the 1990s, was that to most, it was a decade with No Identity, there for given us the option to create our own interpretation of what the 90’s meant to us.  Just as tiny jewelry was so unfortunately trendy, so was Big shrimp earrings, equally “EEK” and certainly had no rhyme or reason of trend direction!

From Super Model Domination, and grunge rebellion, the 1990s was a trip, for any one who remembers them. The birth of Reality TV, with MTV’s The Real World, and club music blasting our cassette stereos, we clearly all “SAW THE SIGN” that the 90’s was an Era of Defiance.

Fashion had their own Defiant moments, with the likes of Gianni Versace’s excess, and Calvin Klein’s Heroin Chic, that George Michael couldn’t help but set free in his iconic FREEDOM 90 video. Shows such as Saved By The Bell, and FRIENDS with that elusive Rachel Greene Hair cut, all helped try to give the Non-Identity decade a persona. However music legends, such as Nirvana and our angry chick’s Jagged little Pill, Alanis Morissette, all had grunge at full force. 

It Never seeks to amaze, how when looking back at that decade one always seems to be left with the sense of, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT ?”, truth be told that’s what made the 90’s so great, the blurred enigma of no identity.

The 1990’s however did define something for me, My Childhood, which I might add was allot of fun, and what a better decade to build my identity than the decade which had non!

 Lets see where this revival goes, and what specific trends will arise once more, now that we are one year into a new decade. I cant help but think, maybe just maybe, it will thrust us into a new Non Identity era, or, will we be more confident in ourselves to take what we learned in the 90’s, and take what we loved about them, and make them Defiantly our own. Maybe this will lead us to a whole new trend, a trend of Defiance. After all   it wasn’t the fact that the 90’s had no identity, We where all just being Defiant in our own identities, and things just got blurred with everyone’s own
FREEDOM, of  the 90s.

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