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”FASHION:The style or custom in dress or behavior”

The word Fashion, rings true in many ways, whether it be Designer names, which is the usual form the word takes, or in the terms of defining communication. Fashion has always been a conveyor of thoughts, expressions, and mannerisms, which  maybe to most, is the reason why the Fashion Industry  can be so thought provoking. Fashion also means the way in which something is done or said, which is my personal favorite definition, how one Fashions the expression of their thoughts , one may (as they say) wear their heart on their sleeve, or come right out and say it, do it, feel it, and be felt by  their expressions.

That very word, FASHION, and all its meanings, have lead me to  add a new path for this  communication based platform, (SeanInTheCity),  in the hopes that you will share this journey, along with myself, of fashioning life as a great communicator, that will send  positive messages and share one universal thought of living a positive life.

Fashioning life, in the sense of career, health, decisions and paths that at times, we choose to take or at other times get lead down unwillingly, All  play a crucial part in the development of our human and spiritual growth in how we choose to see those advancements in career,  or dreadful hard times, it is all up to us on how we express it.

Gratitude Journal:  I have chosen The Gratitude Journal as the first entry  to the Fashioning Life posts, I’m sure everyone is familiar with the concept, due in part to our Live your best life guru Oprah.

The concept of ending everyday with writing simply five things one is grateful for that very day, sounds like a very small and petty concept in trying to live this positive life, however some of the most smallest actions in life have the greatest effects. One doesn’t have to be the Dalai Lama to change the energy of ones life,  one most only take notice at the events  that have passed,  then reflect on them in a physical way, and the lessons become clear. With only five things, one can see the progress of how he/she is taking good or bad events and sorting out their thoughts about them, and be able to see it, feel, read, and there for learn from it.

Much like  ART, thoughts, expressions, emotions, have  a hold on us, by writing them down or painting them on canvas “per say”, one now has created a physical being in this world, a tangible thing, that  has a presence, has a purpose. That thing being the physical manifestation of our  thoughts in writing. Being mindful of writing down  the good thoughts is key, for  your positive thoughts, will begin to move you  to continue that energy, an energy which  can be felt by those around you, and soon you will  begin to see the attraction of positive people in your life drift towards you, and you to them. “I’m Here to tell you,  it will move you, only one month into mine and i have already felt the shift”. 

Energy moves us, we feel energy  both negative and positive, by writing in a journal of the positive effects  from the causes of the day, that energy is now present in this world„ by sending  thoughtful messages of gratitude to our daily lives we will change our outlook of our thought process, simply based on Gratitude, which is a profoundly positive life changer!

So, if  you choose to take part in this new regimen, that i have taken have fun with it and allow yourself to emerge in it,  and i must say the Hermes Ulysse MM  makes for a great  Journal, not to mention a great 1st thing to be grateful for!

(Hermes always sends GREAT ENERGY, don’t you find? )

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