Dallas TX, the city of, “poor little Texas girls who struck oil at the alters”, and the home  of America’s Team, The Dallas cowboys,  is having a moment, that like the rest  of the state,  this moment is BIG BIG BIG!

In late 1970’s  on into the early 80’s, our great city of Dallas, for the longest while, was the place to be, according to those who are considered the heirs of black gold. Our boys at Southern Methodist University had the road paved in college football, a road leading to America’s Big Boys, The Dallas Cowboys.  Oil money and dreams as High as Reunion Tower, had molded our cowboy city into a new Hollywood.

The Football Bubbas, Country Club Socialites and their Oil Dripping Husbands, created  a empire and image surrounding our city on a  larger than life scale, that is unmatched by no other urban jungle. Dallas to most, is the Heart of all things Big & Rich, where  RollsRoyce’s are driven to and from brunch, and where CHANEL is  a religion in it’s own right. Dallas TX, to many is a city made  of pure “MUUUNEY”.

The city was so big at the time, Television couldn’t help but show it off.  the show DALLAS  would soon become one of the most talked about shows in Television History, Truth be told, there’s even bars named after Sue Ellen and J.R..

Flash forward to 2011, and it seems to be as they say,”History is repeating itself”. Dallas TX, today is still that same ole’ town filled with more than its share of southern comfort just waiting to be televised, And the cameras are rolling, capturing  all those big city attitudes.

Bravo TV

It seems, yet again, to be the place to sip and see, and more importantly sip and be seen. BRAVO’s Most Eligible: Dallas, is the 1st in whats to come of a new franchise to the “It” network, which will premiere this fall, the Signal lifestyle is saturated with good TV, after all“All our Exes Live in Texas”, one piece of advice we should give these hopeful singles for the sake  of saving the drama… “Save horse and Ride Cowboy”.

           Style Network also is taking  more than their share of the Dallas Cake, Big & Rich Texas is all ready into episode #2, the show, following the lives of the Affluent Housewives of  The Diamond-D- City, Connie Dieb,  owner of Uptown Consignment Fine Apparel, a Boutique in Dallas  that is without a doubt is a Fashion Haus of Worship, she and daughter Grace Dieb  are already the show’s favorite.

Style Network

Then of course there’s that one and only, TV mecca, that  is being Re”BOOTED” for a whole new southern generation. TNT next summer, the TV legend DALLAS will return for a whole new era of drama, and family as old  as their money, putting Dallas right at the for front, with a sexy new cast showing off Dallas in  a new and modern way.


Truth be told, where else would you be other than Dallas at the moment? Dallasonians,  much like the Texas summers, are  hotter than HELL itself,  being  part of this city is truly a “Bible Belt Blessen”!

However  there is one more southern belle that i can’t help but mention, (in fact she is much to blame for this Dallas craze), a Dallas Diva who  is covering  all edges of the this “IT” City. Cynthia Smoot, of Oh So Cynthia, has all the info that’s of the Now.  Her Oh So Fab blog is a must read in the case you miss a party, a sale, or an episode of any Dallas show. “Believe you me”, if you want to jump on the scene  of Dallasonian Chic,  and play the game and survive, Start reading immediately ,Oh So Cynthia, and get up to date!

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