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So many things have been said and seen in the fashion world, when speaking of those ever elusive editors, or what the industry likes to call our Dictators. From the cold stares of Anna Wintour, to the quick one liners of  Nina Garcia, there is for sure no shortage of opinions and attitudes  in the world of Fashion Publication. No matter what city you may find yourself in, the Hierarchy of Editors in all things Fabulous are all present ready to attack.

However in Dallas,  the “IT” City, according to those who are Holier Than Thou, there is one editor that seems to have it all, the eye, the look, the words, and the know it all, talk it all of who’s who in Dallas.

Lisa Petty,  is known around as the IT Girl for all things shopping, from High End Designer Boutiques to  Consignment Couture. Currently the Shopping Editor at NBC’s The FEAST.COM, a platform  that is equally addicting  as the woman who is Fashioning the art of shopping in Dallas.

Our paths crossed when Petty, was invited to speak to  the Students of The Art Institute of Dallas, and I’m always a fan of a good academic setting, a mini MASTER CLASS if you will.

The Art of Communication is an art form that is a  crucial  lesson to be learned , especially for the Public Relations class in which Petty was  now head Master. Fashion after all is the number one form of Communication on this tiny little globe we call Earth. It takes talent to decipher the messages of fashion,   But it takes a Master to create them.

Later on the in the week, the exchange of emails, shopping ideas, and talk as real as the Housewives of everywhere, I was beginning to notice something about Petty that lacked in  many  of the editors who  have come to be known as legendary.

The idea of an editor in a decision making position may to most come across as cold or in possession of stone heart, after all doesn’t The Devil Wear Prada. Well Petty may indeed be in Prada, however she is no Devil.

Lisa Petty, trying a pair of Vintage Versace pants, on a shopping Date, With The SeanInTheCity

A shopping date was a must ,and in action, after all given all the VERSACE buzz I was indeed on the hunt for some Vintage Gianni. The privilege of being invited to the inner circle of shops, that Petty herself has given a blessing, was  a for sure  date that couldn’t be missed.

The ladies of UpTown Consignment, welcomed  Petty into their Boutique, which in all actuality is a Fashion House of Worship, From Chanel, Gucci, and the Glorious GianniVersace, were all displayed and ready for the sought after“Petty Purchase”.

The  Countless amount of Couture present, drifted me into a sort of hypnotic state. Petty quickly grabs my arm to turn me in the direction of a Cocktail Cavalli dress in the window. From that moment on, my probing  agenda of Dallas gossip, had been replaced by my new Fashion Femme Fatal of a Friend.

Anna Wintour of  Vogue once said, that many people who may not understand fashion tend to fear it, or put it down. It would come as normal for a person like myself to Be naturally fearful of  meeting someone of Lisa’s position.

To be  honest, the thought was more than crossing my mind when making my way to the our shopping date. However I soon realized that the passion for fashion  that was shared between us not only broke the ice, it melted right before our eyes.

Editor-in-Chic Personified, Christian Sirano show,The Fresh Faces of Fashion for the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas

Lisa Petty, clearly posses a niche among the editors that make up and dictate our fashion world. The clear down to earth  and genuine passion, of not only informing people where to shop, but the ability to bring down the fear in order educate on the fun of fashion, is a master message that all Dallas Fashionistas  are “FEASTING” on, thanks to our  it girl, who is Editing our fashion perspective!

A piece written by Petty, on  TheFeast.com, when read  becomes a curiosity about this industry  that one cant help but explore. Which  is the for-sure  reason Petty’s following is as strong as steel stilettos.

However, it  is not only her work that tends to fascinate, her ever chic presence at events and fashion shows not only help with the Critique of the runway, it Compliments it as well,

Which was true of the Christian Siriano  show, which featured the 5th anniversary of The Fresh Faces of Fashion for the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas,  featured in Dallas Modern Luxury Magazine, Hosted by Park Place Motocars.

Petty, not only was she ready to work the show, she was ready to work the runway  in her larger than life statuesque glamour.

The message here, Fashion as fearful as some may think it may be , Lisa Petty makes it all FUN. A true style  star that is surely becoming an Icon.

The Fresh Faces of Fashion, Dallas Modern Luxury Magazine

In fact, The icon persona is already in the hands of our chic editor, In the coming weeks, The Launch of Petty’s brand new Site, will give Dallasonians a platform where our Editor-in all things Fashion, Fierce and Fabulous, will now be Editor-In-Chief.

We have been Feasting on Lisa Petty’s words for quite sometime, and now with the launch of the new site,    ( DFW Style Daily ) one can say it is  time for Dessert! Along with a sought after team of writers talking all things Dallas, it’s clearly on its way to become  a Dallas guide to Fashion.

From the students of the Art Institute of Dallas, to  the runway both on and off,   and of course to the fashion Birkin Boys, like myself. Lisa Petty is leaving a mark that is unmatched by many of those editors. One can say she is Editing the Ideas of our fashion outlook, Fashion Aha moments, and messages that is being mastered by our very own Editor-in-Chic.

The 2011 Fresh Faces of Fashion Line up : Amanda Sisk, Ellie Lemak, Teffy Jacobs, Piper Young, Claire Pruitt Wilhite, Lisa Petty, Charlotte Rollin Reynolds, and Lainie Kritser

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