Birdie & The Bunny


The Little Birdie is at it again! NBC for the longest time has been in the news for its dwindling ratings, and of course who can forget the Leno vs. Conan saga. The tonight shows franchise however did survive.  The network is clearly watching along with their viewers. From the development of Fashion Star and other projects, and the success of their sister network Bravo, NBC   is surely on top and in all respect has never faltered, despite what we may think.  Television has taken a turn; reality TV now dominates other networks.  Aside form all things real, Shows today, if you notice, have become very artistic and much more fashion forward.  Time and effort has become the new DNA of television, many of these shows have become a living fashion magazine. Mad Men as of now takes the cake for nostalgia chic.


The 60’s look has come full circle and has become so trendy we as costumers think it’s brand new. The 60’s where a very interesting time for America, from War to Civil rights and Sex everywhere you looked. It’s a perfect era to take reference, given we are post recession and the time seems to be a little too familiar of the times past.  NBC, clearly is seeing this shift in the viewers, and long behold they knew exactly how to act on it.  Move over Mad Men the birdie shagged it’s self a bunny.  This fall a show will premiere on NBC that will be the throw back the network and the rest of America seems to be craving more and more.  NBC last may released the news that they have not only ordered the pilot, but also placed the order of a brand new show, that not only will have nostalgic chic, written all over it but also lives as one of the most iconic American Images we have all come to love.

The City was Chicago, the year 1960, and the look was all about the bunny. The playboy empire in the early 1960’s opened a gentlemen’s club in Chicago, which made the fantasy of the magazine become a reality.  It would stand to be so influential at this point in history, due to the overly conservative housewives of the 50’s; it was liberation time!  Fashion has always been the life long partner of lifestyle. Fashion to many is a lifestyle and at times vice versa.  No matter how you look at it, the Playboy Bunny girls had become the new form of sexuality. By today’s standards the playboy bunny uniform doesn’t even come close to even being defined as sexy, but the allure associated with the bunny suit still makes it as timeless as Givenchy’s Little Black dress.  The image of those fluffy tails at the start of the sexual revolution, and a decade that still amazes all us Americans is as historic as the network its on.

NBC surely has a hit on their hands. The timing is perfect, a African American president, Gay Civil Rights, a Up and Down War, and End of the World Bazzaros, hell if I was alive during the 60’s it would have been hard to distinguish which decade I was in now. There’s a full circle moment happening in society and MAD MEN surely did a good job in visually throwing us back in fashion and other wise. NBC however has true nostalgia flowing through their veins. Playboy as controversial as it was at the time lives on as such a point in history we can’t help but want to revisit, and those bunnies, well, those bunnies are back and flirting with the Birdie we call NBC, and that birdie is eating it all up.  Let’s be ready, for this fall’s premiere of The Playboy Club and revisit those bunnies we have all grown to love.


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